Delaware Liberal has the link. Here is Governor Markell’s offer to the Occupy Movement and why that offer was unacceptable, even to the most reasonable…

The event area shall be to the north of the Interstate 95 overpass bordered by the north bank of the Brandywine River and North Park Drive and may extend northwest from the storm water culvert to the area adjacent to the ñrst dam up river. Please see attached map.

Where's this Place We're Supposed to Protest At

In this location the only people seeing this encampment would be those living in the upscale apartments. It would be invisible to the rest of the world.

Imagine the former Mayor Baker going to the city, hat in hand, asking to protest the fact that Wilmington’s population was being treated unfairly because they were not white, and a ahort, pot bellied official, strode out of his Lincoln with Longhorn’s attached to the front, and with a horn blast the echoed the “charge” theme played at high school football games, says, ” Sure, we’ve got the perfect place for you… Go 5 miles out of town, take a left by the country store, go ten miles along that road, till you pass the last farmhouse, and there, in the forest, you’ll see a split in the road, take the left one and go six more miles and you will see a clearing left by the logging operation years ago, and you, can have your demonstration right there. I’ll write the permit right now….

The message from the Markell administration was equally insulting. Sure, have your little camping trip out where no one can see you…

“This is not Camping Delaware. It’s Occupy Delaware,
“The tents are the statement. If the tents are in a campground, that’s not much of a statement.”
— Akiva Dejack, Occupy member.

The Tea Party got the Mall in DC. Occupy Delaware gets a spot accessible only by an apartment complex driveway.

Totally unacceptable.

Moving on.

Permittee may not congregate, solicit the public, display signs, or distribute materials outside of the above mentioned designated area.

Really? For a protest, you are limiting their right to protest? Are you serious? Did you have limitations of Markell signs, those white plastic ones scattered across the entire state back during the summer and fall of 2008?

I Am Protesting The Handing Down of Office to The Standing Leutenant Governor
Right click on Picture for full image.

“Sure, you can run for governor, but you won’t be allowed to hand out any campaign literature or post signs, unless it is in your own front yard?”

C’mon… You call that a fair offer? These people are protesting everything that’s gone wrong because Republicans took over in 2000! And you’re going to hide them up a cul de sac? Seriously?

Did you forget that if Republicans had lost that election, there never would have been a derivative driven financial crises? Our National Debt would have been “paid in full” as of 2008? We’d wouldn’t be discussing cuts to the budget; we’d be debating upon which project to invest our Federal Funds for the next year?

So the permit was rather insulting. It did not meet the Constitutional muster required by the state to allow a peaceful protest. The tents are their protest.

In fact, “Occupy Boise”, a Tea Party State if there ever was one, is having no trouble putting their protesters in a conspicuous spot. And we know Idaho.

Listen to this:

She was pleased with the meeting. “As long as they can keep control of their participants as they move forward, I think everything will be fine,” said Luna.

Occupy Boise agreed to provide state officials with a copy of the “code of conduct” and the operational plan. Gunderson said “legal observers” would watch the camp and record video of any conflicts or issues.

Gunderson said the cities where protesters have clashed with public officials have garnered the most news coverage. But Boise is taking its cue from places where things have been more amiable, including Philadelphia.

If anything can be done in Philadelphia, it certainly can be accomplished in Delaware.