As some of you know, I blasted administration officials on their handling of the “Occupy Movement.”

I have since received additional information regarding the internal workings of the Markell administration, that sheds new light on their decision making process, and I feel, since I misaligned them, I would do the honors of correcting any misjudgment that could arise by my actions.

One, the state had jurisdiction over only two “park” areas near Wilmington. One, was Fletcher Brown; the other was Brandywine. The state was focused on trying to find appropriate parkland in real time, for the camp to continue.

Two, the permit was generic, and that clause restricting sign use, was missed in the frantic give and take that was occurring in live time on days before the event was scheduled. I can see their point.

Example: if my son’s boy scout troop put troop signs around Lums Pond Campground, we, as the troop’s adult leaders, would have walked around without being prompted, and taken them down, bringing them back to our site. For that to be on a generic permit, is not an unreasonable request.

The administration says it missed that clause. In their defense, so did a lot of “Occupy Delaware” participants during the first day. Those participants had much more time to peruse the permit, than did officials in the rush, rush, rush, phase of negotiations.

I may be a sucker. But I know Selander. I know Markell. This explanation is far more believable to me, than the one I offered before, that they were curring favor with the corporate powers that don’t really run this state, but think they do sometimes.

I’m just saying that to me, this explanation fits with the personalities of those two individuals… That’s all.

And to not say that… I think,… would be unfair.

Furthermore, I think the error, actually helped the cause. by putting Spencer and Freedom Plaza as the place to be.

Freedom Plaza. how can you argue against a name like that?