Well, Wilmington “could” be called River City. We have the Christina joining up with the Brandywine, both dumping into the Delaware Rivers… (For those reading this under age twenty-three, the headline alludes to a scene in the Movie “Music Man” starring Robert Preston.)

The article is here and the headline reads: Occupy Delaware members vote to defy law, stay in Fletcher Brown Park

Well, yes.. and no. Yes they opted to stay in Fletcher Park Saturday evening after contact with the Markell administration promised no eviction would take place that night if they promised they would not be there for when the day care brought out the kids. In other words, if they left Sunday night…

Since the group had voted that they would leave Sunday night, upon finding that there was no reason they had to pack up and move, … they voted to stay camped in Fletcher for just that one night…

The headline, omits the fact that a vote was taken prior and that the group with the exception of three who voted, was emphatic that they did NOT want to be in the park and disrupt the children’s daily routine.

That is rather commendable. The reporter was present, and knew this.

Why did it not get reported?

The answer can be seen in the comments and at Delaware Politics. The head of that blog, a good man, jumped on the article and lambasted the Occupy Movement based on this articles faulty information… Based on the same faulty information I TOO WOULD HAVE LAMBASTED THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT. But the News Journal information is that: faulty, slanted, and misleading.

Likewise, the comments attached to that article’s bottom are all slanted against “the anarchists” who do not respect the rule of law. Some rather prominent people were at that meeting; some of whom have run for city office. Rather interesting is the fact that they would be painted as being against the rule of law.

The News Journal cannot plead it was a mistake. THEY WERE THERE. THIS WAS SLANTED PURPOSEFULLY.

If you want the facts, they are this. The group conducted an open forum style of democracy. The entire movement voted first (two straw polls had been taken so far) to leave that evening (Sat) and set up in the Brandywine Park to meet the specs of the permit. When that became difficult to do because of the late hour, it was announced that the authorities would waive the requirement to not camp overnight, but would not waive it the following evening because of interference with the nearby preschool…

So, based on the permit … the Occupiers overstayed their welcome. Based on the word of the administration, they would be allowed to stay that night.

Depending on your interpretation, you could call it breaking the law. I would not call it that. Just like if told by a police escort to follow him through red lights to the Emergency Room, I would not consider that breaking the law as well… I would do what he said.

So why did the News Journal bend over so far backwards to mislead? Only they can answer that. (Here is their subscription number;1-800-801-3322; wanting new revenue, they ALWAYS answer their phones) and they can transfer you to whomever they want: but someone will at least hear your message. If you want the reporter directly, Contact Esteban Parra at 1-302-324-2299 or eparra@delawareonline.com.

Shoddy Journalism. Tsk, tsk. Almost to the point of lying.