A couple of observations: One, the majority of the protest was peaceful. The headlines are all about the 100 who stayed after the protest and created havoc.

Two, the vandalism was limited to a Men’s Warehouse, Whole Food’s Store, Citibank,Wells Fargo, Bank of America windows, a dentist’s Office, and a police office housed by the Oakland Internal Affairs.

Relatively weird targets one would think? The Men’s Warehouse was actually closed in favor of the protest. Either someone needed a suit for a future interview, and having no money because of being unemployed, he made use of a moment of opportunity, or it was vandalized for it’s support of the “occupy” movement. The second group, the banks, were obviously symbolic. The third, was broken into no doubt for drugs. Again, someone taking advantage of a moment of opportunity.

But the fourth is an enigma. Why an Internal Affairs segment of the Police Department? Who would have a beef with them? Who would take advantage of a moment of opportunity to break into, browse through, and steal documents from the department whose sole function is to investigate policemen to determine whether they are acting within or outside of the law?

Only a policeman.

In Tunisia, we saw the government insert thugs into the protest movement to make protesters look bad. In Egypt, we say Mubarak insert thugs into the protest movement to make the protesters look bad. In Syria, we saw Assad insert thugs into the protest movement to make the protest movement look bad. Saw the same with Greece, London, Milan, Paris, and even Myanmar.

It’s a tactic.

What it does, is give those Republicans who created this mess, someone to blame and call “unruly protesters” or “mobs”. Why? It is really hard to maintain ones recalcitrant path towards our nation’s destruction, when faced with someone like Ms. McAllister who brought her 1 yr, 3yr, and 4yr old to the demonstration, with a sign saying “Toddlers Are The 99% and Even We Share?”

It’s a lot easier not to cave in when one can look tough against a bully or thug…

Bottom line, look at the big picture; ignore the little one. The big picture is that the message we’ve been listening too from the Chicago School of Business, that corporate wealth is good for America, is beginning to be re-evaluated.


It was called “voodoo economics” in 1980. Nothing has changed; we just woke up.