Under the Obama administration, things have never been better.

Today numbers were released showing us that productivity rose this summer by 3.1% and labor costs dived by 2.4%…

America is finally becoming an engine of economic efficiency. Fewer workers produced more product, than anytime in our nation’s history. Efficiency is the key to success… Labor costs are what made our goods too expensive to sell on the world market.

But wait. Isn’t that the opposite of where we want to be?
Shouldn’t we be looking at ways of being more inefficient if it means hiring more people to do more work? Do all of us rejoice at the prospect of earning less and less as our years pass by, instead of more and more?

But our corporations are doing well.. apparently. They are earning higher profits. Isn’t that what Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor both stated? That the Bush tax cuts would create more jobs?

Fact: Job growth was rising rapidly coming off the Republican Recession of 2008 under a Democratic Congress and Democratic President, until, until, until the Bush Tax Cuts were extended through 2012. After that point, November 2010, when it became apparent they might continue,.. job creation stopped. Well not exactly. The amount of jobs being created by the private sector were matched by the jobs being lost by the Tea Party’s slashing at the current administrations budget. Government jobs lost, equaled or beat out, private jobs gained…

So… why is it that in a time of rising corporate profits, we have protests erupting in every city?

Obviously those figures of growth, are not getting to where they need to be.

So what needs to happen.

First, Congress needs to focus on people, not corporations.

That means:
Corporate money needs to be banned from all elections.

That means:
The cost of elections needs to come down considerably. Get rid of the campaign industry that escalates costs showing now discernible results.

That means:
Lobbyists can only interact with government in open sessions, where all is in the open and accountable to the payee’s: the American people.

That means:
Stacking the Supreme Court so it is anti- corporate, and votes so, whenever corporate aims are truly unconstitutional.

Pretty much, that is it.

Since Congress is owned by corporate money, (not in a sinister fashion, just by need) and it is they who make the laws, .. it is rather obvious to all that Congress needs to be more focused on the needs of its people, and not the corporations.

After all it’s the people who are suffering.. The corporations seem to all be doing fine.