Nashville teachers are getting pummelled. Not just like Adam Knight in the story below, but across the board..

The new evaluations under the TAP program are insane.

These evaluations are called TAP (Teacher Achievement Program) and were developed by a conservative think tank that is funded by the Milkin Family Foundation based in Santa Monica, Calif.

(TAP is presently used by 200 schools and 20,000 students in three states. Tennessee has more than 1,000 school districts and more than 900,000 public-school students. The other states use TAP predominantly in high-needs schools districts.)

The National Institute of Excellence in Education (NIET), which was founded by and is funded by the same Milkin Family Foundation that created TAP, has performed the majority of the vetting of this evaluation system. Not surprisingly, most of its reports are glowing in their praise for TAP…..

Tennessee has rushed into adopting an evaluation system that is radically different from any other, not proven by independent research and written by a multimillionaire-funded think tank that has a deep financial interest in it being adopted and retained, all without public scrutiny.

Now here is the best part…….

The state of Delaware, which was the other recipient of federal “Race to the Top” funding in 2010, decided to do more due diligence on the matter of teacher evaluations. Delaware waited an additional three months before making comparatively modest changes to its teacher evaluation system.

Delaware also was considering this program until blogger extraordianare Kilroy’s Delaware delved into and raise similar questions about the TAP programs validity. Simply his looking at the facts and publishing his findings, were enough to disuade the Markell and state education officials, (who read him religiously) to stay away….

And to quote the Vermont poet laureate, Robert Frost: “That has made all the difference…”

(Thanks dude.) 🙂