It is time for Republicans to understand that their philosophy does not work.

It is heartening and somewhat sad, to see one of those who when he used to blog, trumpet the cause of small government. Now as a multiplicity of problems being befalls his local community, he has joined the rest of us, calling out our government for failing to do its part…or failing to spend money in their communities.

This shows the lack of logic behind their original claim, that smaller government IS better.

It is at times, and isn’t at times.. But when push comes to shove, the sole reason for our prosperity lasting since the First Great Depression ended with WWII in 1940, has been the expanse of government which has taken taxes from those with extra cash, and created jobs.

So, the answer is pretty clear. Listening to every Republican candidate mouth the same panacea to a plethora of problems, (no new taxes), means they all have to go….

The solution will be to vote entirely Democratic this next election. Within two years, that body will again be split and we will again have divided government. The Democratic Party will become the Democratic Party of Conservatives, Democratic party of Middle Roaders, and the Democratic Party of Progressives.

The Democratic party is now one unit… It won’t be if no Republicans get elected in 2012…

The difference between having Congress divided among a single party, as opposed to having it divided between two political parties, is that in the first scenario, there is no excuse not to compromise and get things done…

The past Budget Showdown showed the American People than in closed rooms, deals could get done… It was when those doors opened and the wealthy benefactors heard what was being proposed, … that they ordered the talks shut down….

So, voting all Democratic, IS a way out. Don’t expect big progressive changes. Just expect Congress to talk cordially with each other and compromise the way they used to, back in the olden days…