As I stepped out into the morning cold, I thought of you…. Wow, this is going to take one hell of a commitment….

This cold presents problems.

The first and primary problem, is staying warm… Any scout, boy or girl, knows camping is fun, in summer. But winter camping is only for those who “seriously” want that badge… One has to be extremely motivated.

There are laws against campfires within the confines of a city for good reason. Those laws are in place and attempting to fight them to maintain a protest, would undermine the cause for which that protest is being fought.

Moving the protest from out of the public eye, would to those only familiar with the history as represented by television, be analogous to failure… A protest needs to be seen to bring in new fuel…

Not. Necessarily. So.

I believe we should take a lesson from the American Revolution. Like today’s occupiers, they, the “real” American patriots, were fighting a token war against the most powerful military on the planet, against a majority of the wealth invested on the planet, and against centuries of ignorance that percolated to the top of intellectual thought across the planet…

And the only thing they had in their arsenal, was ideas.

Ideas, that people should be the ones controlling their own destiny. Ideas that people voting in their own self interests, would more than likely, steer the nation in the right direction, as opposed to the wrong one… Ideas that property mattered. If you took the “people’s money” than the “people” had the right to decide where it was spent….. Ideas that if you enacted all these principals, then everyone’s life would more likely be better off because of the less likely chance some faction would rise up and upset the apple cart.

And they had a handful of people, with which to back up those ideas…. But it was just a handful… And they were dedicated…

You of course have heard we won the war at the battle of Yorktown. We trapped the British, Cornwallis surrendered, and the armies went home…

But unless you studied the Revolution in detail, you probably are unaware that we lost the battles of Lexington and Concord. We lost the battle of Bunker (Breeds) Hill. We lost every battle fought for the control of New York City. We lost the battles of New Jersey. We lost the battles leading up to the Occupation of Philadelphia. We lost the South. Except for a few engagements, the British Army was free to wander around as it pleased… for the most part until the end.

In fact if you look at what we won, it was a paltry amount. We won Trenton and Princeton. We won Saratoga. We won a few clashes in western North Carolina, we won Yorktown.

But each win came just at a critical time. The Trenton/ Princeton campaign kept the army from disbanding when their original tours expired. The win at Saratoga convinced the French that signing on with us against their enemy, would be worth their expense. The battles in North Carolina harassed Cornwallis enough he decided to move to Virginia and in his haste, he allowed himself to be boxed in. The French did the rest.

The war probably ended because the British were engaged in a major war with France, and since America spoke English, it was kinda obvious to all but the Tory politicians, that we would evolve to become their longterm ally, except for the immediate problem that we were currently fighting them. The British withdrew from Savannah, from Charleston, from New York City on their own; we didn’t force them out…..

So the lesson to the occupiers, is: that you have to endure. You could set up winter camp in some field, miles from the action, as long as you were there… Of course with every cold snap, every foot of fallen snow, you should anticipate the trudge of camera men’s feet, as they came to see how Mother Nature was mistreating those who had a cause to fight for.

The fact that you don’t go away, becomes the prime weapon of choice. Since everyone knows you are there now, they don’t need it in their face, day to day… Comparison can be made to the cities of the Revolutionary War, where those citizens didn’t even feel the impact of having a war. Life went on as before.

But in the end we became the United States of America, not the American Commonwealth of Britain. WE did so because when it snowed, our feet bled in that snow. WE did so, because instead of being embrace with our families’ arms, we were camping in the woods with men. WE did so, because we simply refused to go away.

So as the winter comes, the Occupiers need a winter camp. The campaigns will come again in the summer to be sure. But the fact that each of you “stuck it out” and stayed all winter simply because America’s Wealth said “Fuck you! Middle Class!” and you thought that was wrong, will be for what all future generations will be giving praise….

My advice? Accept the reality of the current circumstances. It’s time to camp for the winter. But don’t give up… America is counting on you to make the historical change that will be necessary for the United States to fulfill the promise it’s Constitution made to “WE, The People.”

People trump corporations … at least in this nation, during this time period they do…..

That people so firmly believe that, so much they will endure arduous hardships to prove the intensity of their belief, in the end, is what matters.