The 1%’rs are the target of the Occupy ______ Protesters.

The 1% are throwing back the argument that since 47% pay no income taxes, they have no bones in this argument.

Fact: 53% of Americans do pay all of the income tax… And a large part of that is actually paid by the top 1%… So why is everyone firing the guns their way? They are doing their part in pulling the wagon and the Democrats who pay no income taxes are riding the wagon for free!

That certainly sounds fair until you look at why those 47% are not paying income tax….. 46.2 million or 15% of America lived below the poverty line ($22,314). Yes, that still leaves an additional 32% of America above the poverty line who do not pay income tax.

So who are these slackers not paying their taxes?

Most of them have children, and gain a $1000 credit per child. Which means if you have 2,3,4 children you will at the 15% level have to earn respectively over $30,000, $37,000, and $43,000, in order to pay any tax.

Of course, these figures are straight income not counting deductions. If you add the standard deduction for four people, five people, six people, you get incomes at $48,000, $58,800, $74,000 before any tax gets paid…

Is that fair… ?

You can’t quibble on the low end. Those people are having tough times. Perhaps you can squeeze a few dollars off the top end… since to stay afloat with a family of four these days here on the east coast, takes about $48,000 at the minimum.. That is just getting by.

Keep in mind the number of people these represent. Since 35% of Americans live on less the $35,000 a year, That means roughly 20% are between $22,000 and $35,000. Which leaves the additional 12%, ranging in incomes from $35,000 up to $74,000 (provided they had large litters.)

Out of the 47% paying no income taxes, 20% are below poverty, 15% are between 22,000 and 35,000, and 12% are the rest… Obviously Americans are simply too poor in today’s current corporate based system to pay taxes.. That is why 47% of America does not pay income tax.

They do pay taxes… They pay gasoline taxes, they pay school taxes, they pay state and local taxes, they pay Medicare taxes, they pay FICA social security taxes, they pay water taxes, they pay electric taxes, they pay natural gas or propane taxes, they pay boiler taxes, they pay business taxes, they pay… oh hell, I got tired of writing, but I’m sure you can think of a few more…

These people who the federal government has deemed through Congressional action, as being too poor to pay Federal Income tax, actually pay a considerable amount of the fees and monies necessary to keep government services going…..

There are two solutions… tax those who have more money, and tax them alot! or…. pay those people a little more on the bottom and then we can afford to tax them too…

Corporate profits were in just one quarter = three months = 13 weeks = 65 business days (if no holidays) … $1.7 trillion. If you just took that figure, and divided it by those in the civilian work force, (154,017) you could have given a raise of $11,000 to every American worker, employed or not….

And the other three financial quarters would be untouched… Keep in mind, corporate profits are only the amount that is left over, after all expenses have been paid. It is quite possible for a company to run on almost zero profits indefinitely. . . (which is what happens when tax rates are higher as they were in the 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s…. we all did fine then…..)

So all this extra money, and all this need….

Hmm, very simple solution.