Republican contender for president Herman Cain, today showed his true color. Although accepted as a new voice in the Republican party, his diatribe today, the one belittling the occupiers of Wall Street, shows he has little care or concern for those or us making up the entire middle class…

He sees the symptom. He misses the problem.

Recently he claimed he had a bullseye on his back and people were taking pot shots at him. With today’s comments it appears he is no exception… He shot himself.

On CBS today he stated that: the protesters “jealous’ Americans who “play the victim card” and want to “take somebody else’s” Cadillac.

When in truth, Americans don’t want to take someone’s used Cadillac. They’d just like to be able again to buy their own… with their own money.

The key word is “again.”

We once had that option. buying Cadillacs with our own money, until Republicans handed that option over to Wall Street…

The current Occupy Wall Street protest can be significant if it moves America towards the discussion as to how we got into this economic miasma ..

We got here by deregulating our finance industry which allowed them to gamble recklessly; we got here by dropping the wealthiest’s taxes which gave them more of our money to gamble with, and we got here because no one was looking too hard, (or purposefully looking the other way) at what they were doing…

All byproducts of Republican philosophy.

To achieve greatness, America again needs to return taxes on the top 1% back to normal levels, regulate the wild gambling being done by the very banks entrusted with keeping money safe, taking place with our very own checking and savings accounts, , and increase the bureaucracy that watches over Wall Street and investments.

Three things, and America will be great again.

Cain, who looked decent up until his remarks today, obviously has no clue how Americans are coping day to day… Someone that insensitive, should not be representing us as our Chief Executive Officer.