Never give up. In fact, the two comeback teams who took out giants, both had players who said the same things…. “When we were told it was over, we decided to start playing our best, just so we could save face. Who knew it would be enough to get us in..”

If you believe in America, the Constitution, the middle class, it’s time: you need to start playing your best. We are under attack.

It takes a lot of effort to sort out the truth. The truth is out there and that truth is: all our woes come from Republicans. Perhaps they think they truly think they are doing the right thing (because for the wealthy, they are), but they represent such a minority, that what seems right for them, comes as an expense to us.

And without effort on our part, they’ll win. We’ll lose.

Republicans have ground effective government to a halt. The Senate can’t even get a vote together to open or adjourn.

Anyone who has ever watched Star Wars knows exactly why they are doing it…. In that movie, it was to blame the Jedi.

Today, it is done in the pretense of blaming Obama for these failed two years…

But all one has to do, is sit the chambers one day to know they are the ones to blame: they are the “evil” that has stymied the forces of good…

Just one person can halt legislation for 36 hours, and Republicans never fail to use it. It never used to be that way.

Republicans of the 111 Congress have stymied legislation more times than all the previous Congress’s in America’s History, combined.

With every vote, even those of routine matters with no political consequence,(such as adjournment of the Senate for an earthquake), the Republicans have invoked the rule of cloture, basically requiring all members to be present in two days to have a formal vote, just so that the normal business of the Senate can go forward… .

Here is Wikipedia’s version of what the rule of cloture does:

The procedure for “invoking cloture,” or ending a filibuster, is as follows:

A minimum of sixteen senators must sign a petition for cloture.

The petition may be presented by interrupting another Senator’s speech.

The clerk reads the petition.

The cloture petition is ignored for one full day during which the Senate is sitting. For example, if the petition is filed on Monday, it is ignored until Wednesday. (If the petition is filed on a Friday, it is ignored until Tuesday, assuming that the Senate did not sit on Saturday or Sunday.)[12]
On the second calendar day during which the Senate sits after the presentation of the petition, after the Senate has been sitting for one hour, a “quorum call” is undertaken to ensure that a majority of the Senators are present. However, the mandatory quorum call is often waived by unanimous consent.

The President of the Senate or President pro tempore presents the petition.

The Senate votes on the petition; three-fifths of the whole number of Senators (sixty with no vacancies) is the required majority 

Allowing this scenario:

Democrat: Mr. President: I would like to leave to pee for a moment and return shortly to finish my speech…

Republican: Mr. President: The minority files for a rule of cloture on this measure.

President of the Senate: Are you Republicans mad?

Republicans: We remind the acting president of the chamber, that it is within our rights based on Senate Rule 22 to invoke the rule of cloture.

President: But the poor man just wants to pee.

Republicans: It is our right, it’s in the rules, and there is no amendment to those rules excusing this from that application.

Democrats: Surely the Republicans are not going to hold up this inconsequential act for something so minor, so routine, as having the poor Senator go to the Bathroom?

Republicans: Here is our petition Mr. President. Signed by the following: Minority Leader Mitch McConnell; Minority Whip John Kyl; Conference Chairman Lamar Alexander; Policy Committee Chairman John Thune; Conference Secretary John Barrasso; Campaign Chairman John Cornyn; Richard Shelby; Jeff Sessions; Marco Rubio; Mike Crapo; Rand Paul; Pat Toomey;Jim DeMint…..

President: All seems to be in order; Will the Clerk please read the petition.

Clerk: Mr President, we the following do protest this atrocity to the American way. If the express words are not hand-written into the Constitution, then it doesn’t belong in government. We can find no paragraph in the Constitution where it says a Senator may leave the floor to pee… Before this moves forward we invoke the rule of cloture to require the full Senate to vote on this matter of grave Constitutional Concern. Signed: The Republicans….

Democrats: We request that the offer to invoke cloture be rescinded. It is a matter of human decency that this Senator be allowed to pee….

Republicans: We will not, Mr. President. It is a Constitutional matter, and the problems of one little Senator have no bearing here. It does not specifically say in the Constitution that a Senator can leave the floor to pee and so we must have that matter go before the full body in order to prove it musters the required approval under the rules, of the American people.

President: Under the rules, I am powerless to override it. This matter will be taken up not tomorrow, which being Friday, means it will be taken up on Monday, at some time post one hour after the Senate has convened, provided there is no rule of cloture being offered by Republicans to halt that convening. There will be not further hearings on this matter till then… (Gavel sounds) The floor is open for new business

Mr President, now I have to poop. May I please be excused…

Republican: Mr. President: The minority files for a rule of cloture on this new measure. ……


And so nothing gets done in the Senate for 36 hours. It is a fact that this rule of cloture has been invoked more since the Tea Partiers came to town, than over the entire history of Congress…..

Republicans are a problem.

Lesson learned from the Wild Cards? Never give up; in fact now is the time to start playing our best…. Who knows what may happen? But giving up? Sets our fate in stone…. as in tombstone….  RIP Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves.