Ryan, leading Republican, said Republicans would vote against rescinding the Payroll tax credit currently in place that reduces the amount each worker pays into his Social Security Fund. That amounts to between $12 and $22 dollars a week for the average worker. Or a family savings of $1248 to $2288 for the average family of two income earners…

Republicans want to increase families taxes up to $2288… But they lined up and said that millionaires would not pay one penny more in taxes as long as Republicans have voting power in the US Congress.

Democrats on the other hand, want to keep these tax cuts in place. arguing most families right now cannot afford an extra $1248 to $2288 dollars a year…. The say increase the tax on millionaires by the amount to balance the budget these tax breaks are growing the deficit.

Question is: who do you think should pay more in taxes… You? or millionaires…..

Are you beginning to feel buyer’s remorse for that Republican donation you once made way back when?