it’s like one’s house is infested with stinkbugs… Everywhere you turn, you find them… They’re in your food, in you bathtub, sunning themselves on your toilet seat. You have to brush out your bed sheets before climbing in them… Their refuse is everywhere… You are always cleaning up their messes, washing dishes just before eating, washing clothes just before wearing, bleach off the table just before sitting down to it.

They contaminate everything they touch. You’ve squished a few, but the stench soon made you give that policy up.. You know you could spray them, and they’d die, but you are concerned over whether the chemicals will kill you too. if not immediately then somewhere down the road… And too, you have this innate sense that all nature’s creatures are equal. All have a right to live and proper as they will. Who died and made you god, you say?

You tried placating them. You put food in a location next to where they enter, hoping they get what they need and go back.. Instead, they came pouring in for more. You made peace by giving them certain areas to live, out of your way, so you could live yours.. But no, it wasn’t enough… Since you let them in there, they assumed you’d let them in anywhere….

You just can’t believe their audacity. After all, you caved in and gave them everything they wanted.. You actually held back in a very humane way, and didn’t use poison to kill them off, you didn’t climate their colonies, wiping out their progeny and their possessions….

You actually were the perfect gentleman to them, and they didn’t appreciate it one iota. What’s the world coming to these days?

So, you give it up, sell your house for a loss, and move out.