Did you get your IRA or Keogh plan financials yet?

Just wondering how much the “contrived” debt ceiling crises cost you?

The debt ceiling was raised 7 times during the Bush administration but it was never a crises… Why? Because it was the Republicans doing it..

Now, put a Democrat in the White House who is up for re-election, and presto… we have a crises…

The Republicans wanted to default the government. That is a pretty bad crises.

So how much did this Cantor-ization cost you? 6%?

If your plan currently has a value of $50,000 Eric Cantor directly cost you a cool $3,000.

At $100,000 Eric Cantor cost you $6,000.
At $150,000 Eric Cantor cost you $9,000.
At $200,000 Eric Cantor cost you $12,000.
At $250,000 Eric Cantor cost you $15,000.
At $300,000 Eric Cantor cost you $18,000..

In just 3 months. Multiply those by four to find out how much Republicans will cost you in just one year?…

Now add that cost to what the last recession cost you. A job? Your house? Lost savings?

Now you are beginning to see the true value of what Eric Cantor offers… the financial equivalent of death and destruction.

Don’t be too hard on yourselves. You were fooled. Fooled by the very people profiting off every dollar you spend. You were not told the truth, so you cannot blame yourself for not knowing…

Truth is: Republicans are the touch of death……. Not the individuals who make up the party, not the people!… they didn’t know either. Just like forgiving the German people for the sins of their leader, we carry no animosity for those who were corralled by their party, who supported Republicans for other issues, without understanding the consequences of their actions… They were victims too.

Everyone needs to call Republican out for what they are. it would have been nice if the same had happened in Nazi Germany during the ’30’s…..

So? How much did Eric Cantor cost you?
How much will he cost you tomorrow?
How much will he cost you again next year?