This is a shocker.

Rick Perry, Presidential Contender and Investor in This

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Rick Perry invested in a porn outfit during the nineties; one that distributed titles like these:

“Teens with T*ts” “Bisexual Barebacking Vol. 1” “Big Tit Brotha Lovers 6”… The company renting these, Movie Gallery Corporation, was at that time the largest distributor of porn in America, and able to sell and rent regular videos for much cheaper than the competition due to their heady porn profit.

Sounds like a good investment to me….

“Based in Dothan, Alabama, Movie Gallery boasts being the second largest North American home-entertainment specialty retailer after Blockbuster; Movie Gallery has more than 4700 stores located in all fifty states, Mexico, and Canada. FN8. Movie Gallery is also both the largest distributor of pornography in America and the only major retail chain to sell pornography in its flagship stores.”

But wait. The ultra conservative American Family Association (AFA), a self-described “Christian organization promoting the biblical ethic of decency in American society with primary emphasis on TV and other media” known for “initiating, encouraging Christian Activism,” but also now an officially designated hate group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, begged the government to investigate Movie Gallery.

This group also sponsored the recent prayer rally at which Rick Perry now famously attended.

But this AFA American Family Ass. group… also boycotted these corporations too: 7-Eleven, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Airlines, American Girl, Blockbuster Video, Burger King, Calvin Klein, Carl’s Jr., Clorox, Comcast, Crest, Ford, Hallmark Cards, Kmart, Kraft Foods, S. C. Johnson & Son, Microsoft, MTV, Mary Kay, NutriSystem, Old Navy, IKEA, Sears, Pampers, Procter & Gamble, Target, Tide, Walt Disney Company, and PepsiCo ….

Making the AFA now publicly supports a porn investor.

Rick Perry later passed laws to help companies like Movie Gallery avoid “frivolous” tort suits, after they were sued for allegedly violating the law by illegally distributing porn across state lines. This move was seen by some as a move to protect his investment in Movie Gallery,

Rick Perry’s supposed politics contravene the interests of his own pocketbook. There is the Governor who endorses a plan to monitor sex offenders with satellites; then there is businessman who enjoys profits by funding such titles as Bisexual Barebacking Vol. 1 and Big Tit Brotha Lovers 6. There is the proud husband and father who announced an award of $7.4 Million to the S.T.O.P. Violence Against Women Act programs; then there is the man who invested in North America’s largest pornography distributor. –Sarah Jones,

Rick Perry has a blind trust; no one can see his investments now… Therefore we must make our decisions upon those visible from his past.

One should pay this no mind. It is a titillating distraction. aimed to deflect those real issues that need to be debated across the realm of this entire country…. real issues like: is it truly women’s place to be subservient to their men? Are they only here for men’s sexual pleasure?

If you believed so, you too, might be willing to invest $5-$10 thousand in “a sure thing”: America’s largest porn distribution network….