Delaware's best and brightest

Isn’t she lovely?

Before picking on a young Christine, one has to remember what those times were like. Back in the 1980’s, she really wasn’t that far out….

AID’s had just come out of nowhere. Today we don’t fear it; but back then, there was fear. Have sex with the wrong person, and you’d be dead in two years… Morte!.

Some people who were deeply religious, thought it was their responsibility to make the world safer if not healthier. Especially when MTV was promoting masturbation as the safe substitute for sexual intercourse.

Self-Masturbation could lead to mutual masturbation which could lead to group masturbation which could lead to leaky seminal fluids which could then be passed around….. indiscriminately. One could die from AIDS. And to set the stage correctly, quite a few people did die!

If one could die from masturbation, then it is best not to get started. So warning others about masturbation, could indeed, save lives… I know, wild and crazy sex may not seem like a crises now, but back then, AIDS was indeed rather scary…. Of course, the press played it up big that we were all going to die unless we became monogamous with another safe partner….

Christine O’Donnell was saving lives; That is a good thing. So don’t knock our lady.