Obama made the economy worse?

Facts. May 2007.. unemployment was at 4.4%. It soared during George W Bush’s last year to a level of 7.8% at hand off of the presidential baton. It peaked that October (2009) at 10.1, and since then it has held flat at 9%.

So no. The Bush economy raised unemployment levels 3.4%….. President Obama inherited it during it’s steepest climb, slowed and stopped it’s rise at only 2.2% (1.2% less than Bush); then dropped it since then, 1% from peak.

So if one is being picky, Bush lost 3.4%… since his swearing in, Obama 1.2%….

So just looking at facts, ie, the number of people who are working, Obama’s Keynesian economics work far better than those very ones proposed by the Chicago School of Business and followed by Republicans.

However criticism that Obama has not done enough is valid. It HAS been two years, and corporate America is NOT spending their $1.7 Trillion dollars of profit here….

Were there a 40% Capital Gains tax and a 40% top marginal rate, that surplus wouldn’t be happening. It would have been reinvested into America to keep it out of the hands of the IRS.

Facts are: corporate America did rather well this past quarter. It wasn’t Obama’s administration that shackled them with taxes and regulation that caused jobs to remain low. The exact opposite occurred. Under him, they prospered!!!!!! It was the Corporations themselves, whose own will it was to cut 8.2 million jobs out of America and hire 8.2 million jobs overseas in underdeveloped countries.

According to all Republicans, religion is a core value to all “true” Americans. The problem with that argument is that it totally excludes Muslims, the world’s second largest religion. What is not said is that, when these people use the word “religion”, they are narrowly defining it as only the religion “they” grew up in.

So will Republicans support the wearing of burkha’s on airplanes and public buildings? None of them said so….

And do those religious family values extend to homosexual relationships? Gay marriage is out. Far better to raise an abused child in the home of an abusive heterosexual marriage, than in a house of love, between to people who happen to be the same gender. In Republicans eyes, if you happen to love your own gender, you’re weird and sick. Still! (Even if you are heterosexually married to one!)

Right to life among those running, trumps the Constitutional rights of any mother. Females are secondary to whatever is growing in their womb. One can sympathize with the antipathy that comes from a killing of the unborn. But Republican’s efforts would be far better spent on providing education against, as opposed to the eradication of a women’s right to abortion.

Yes, out of necessity, all Republicans knocked “Obama-care” as it is now called, all conveniently forgetting it was originally “Romney-care” when implemented in Massachusetts, or “Republican-care” when sketched out in Congress, before Obama borrowed it from the very Republican plan that mandated everyone had to buy health insurance to keep citizens from gaming the system. Now, those exact same Republicans, say it is unconstitutional..

The duplicity, in saying one thing, but doing another, is the Republicans undoing. How can it be bad if you were gung-ho for it, that is until your opponents championed it, and you immediately came out against it? How can anyone believe you?

Obviously, it must be a “good” plan if you are so emphatically against it. So “good”, you Republicans are worried sick that it might succeed, making life “better” for the American people, who in turn will give Democrats all the credit!

Republican often discuss removal of red tape to free energy outsourcing and create 9 million more jobs… That red tape is what prevents them from drilling in Yellowstone and other national parks.

But the word most thrown around this republican convention, is “liberty”.

But that liberty however does not include your liberty to demand more money from your boss. Nor does it include giving you to sue your boss, if your “liberties” are dispensed. Your corporate executives can pay you a little as they want, and if you don’t like it, you’d better walk before they move your job overseas….

Low wages may help him, but that type of “liberty” does very little good for the nation as whole…..

For example, Sub-Zero, the freezer and refrigerator manufacturer, told workers last year that factories in Wisconsin would have to be shut down, with 500 employees losing their jobs, unless staff took a 20 percent pay cut, The New York Times reported.

Workers were expected to put in more hours without overtime pay, while staff facing fewer hours of work due to furloughs were expected to do as much as they would have in a full workday, according to NPR. Some liberty, huh?

But the biggest hypocrisy perpetuated by the Republicans in Ames, was their slobbering over themselves at honoring those Iowans sons and daughters who serve in the armed forces, but, their recalcitrance in believing that any sacrifice, fiscal or otherwise, is warranted from the top 1% or giant corporations. You can give up your child, but don’t dare ask for one more dollar from a multi-trillion corporation.

One Republican candidate even says corporations are people too…..

Bottom line is Republican policies scuttle and sank America. Those are facts, facts, facts. Because of that, they are catering to a smaller and smaller group of them each year. Those few get tinier in number, and weirder and weirder every year.

Take Rick Perry: bragging that 37% of America’s new jobs since the recession ended, were in his state of Texas. But…..

…his state unemployment has remained at an 8% high….
… companies are relocating strictly to lower the human cost: both tort and labor
… Whereas 153 businesses move into Texas; 92 moved out…
… $119 million that went to new companies, but made no new jobs.
… $16 million went to Perry’s largest campaign donors.
… Texas overall prosperity growth was the eighth slowest
… Texas has the highest proportion of minimum-wage jobs.
… Perry’s state has the lowest median wage in the country.
… Texas productivity is slower than 37 other states.
… Perry brags he is using taxpayer’s money to bring business to his state, ones that make products that benefit the world, even if money has a negligible affect on the unemployment rate or overall per capita prosperity. Ironically, that is exactly what a lot of Republicans and Tea Partiers are criticising Obama for……

Bottom line, Republicans may be nice people, but they haven’t a clue and certainly haven’t got a plan…