The first event is cast. Find out the local take here…..

Michelle outworked the other candidates. Unlimited campaigning across Iowa the past 48 days, coupled with being born, raised, and educated in Iowa, made her the hometown queen…

She also has boobs, a device that consistently always garners Republican votes.

Her campaign speech was weak on ideas… Instead she spoke to Iowa, about her growing up, her life, her values.

The ideas came from three people… Ron Paul, re-trot his ideas from last time. Herman Cain, probably walked the finest line nearest the center right, and walked off with a surprising fifth place. The third, Thaddeus McCotter, representative from Michigan, droned support with some surprising populism, and was remarkably (considering the delivery of his message), able to garner 35 votes out of the 16892 cast……

The surprise, is not Michelle Bachman. It is that with one speech, unknown businessman Hermain Cain, was able to garner more support than Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, and Thaddeus McCotter, all put together….

it is hard to imagine this person going “head” to head against the premier of China. It is equally hard to imagine this person putting us back on the gold standard….

There are over 600,000 Republicans registered in Iowa.

Which is why, one must not really put too much into someone who can finance the rounding up of 0.8 of 1% of the Iowa Republican Party, and persuade them to vote for them….

One must ask, so they voted, but at what price?

Focus needs to be not on who won, but on what was said……
Best line made, was that big banks need to be forced to loan their trillions of profits out to create jobs and a new economy….