Standard and Poors insisted the derivitives that crashed the global economy were AAA+ and perfectly safe….

Standard and Poors justified that the savings of 2.1 trillion needed to be over the 4 trillion level in order to keep America’s rating at AAA+..

Standard and Poors made a two trillion dollar error, using the wrong baseline. When pointed out, that the savings would be over the 4 trillion dollars level they originally based their judgment upon, Standard and Poors, said the 2 trillion was insignificant, and downgraded anyway….

Standard and Poors said that America’s Treasuries are less safe…

Investors world wide are buying up US Treasuries, at times, even paying a premium to own them, over the supposedly safer AAA+ rated bonds of Germany, Norway, Australia, and Switzerland.

Standard and Poors…

1) Wrong
2) Wrong
3) Wrong
4) Wrong

Four wrongs don’t make a right… They do make the “right” a laughingstock, though……