Don’t listen to bull or the finger pointing by piss ants who have no power and so use events to justify their certain slants or beliefs… ..

It’s because the market got surprised by the Labor Figures yesterday and rose….

That wasn’t supposed to happen. The market was supposed to be in the 10000 by close of Friday….

Now, a little extra push is needed to make it reverse direction and go that way, and S&P is the entity in charge of executing that task.

If it doesn’t go below 10,000 by close of Monday, big money will be lost. Obviously, the closer the DOW is to that level if not below, the smaller and smaller the loss will be to those who sold short……

You see. It has nothing to do with politics. It has nothing to do with the economy.

It’s simply betting at a racetrack, ie. one thats run by the mafia…….

Hopefully you listened to me, so it doesn’t matter what the market does…. I mean (and here it is put succinctly), when the mafia puts their money on a horse, that’s one race to gotta get out of…..