It has always been a dream of mine, ever since Gingrich destroyed the camaraderie of Congress with his bombastic attacks, that one day, both sides would give the press a collective F*ck You and begin to work together……..

The press instigates many of the adversarial relationships… Framing questions, reporting sound bytes without mentioning the context in which they were uttered.

So, as you know, the two principal players were Eric Cantor, and President Obama. Obama’s role was mostly filled by Delaware’s own Joe Biden…. affectionately known in here, as Seabiscuit.

Personal relationships are how things happen. That doesn’t make good copy, so the press tries to find differences and drive wedges in to split them further…..

On would be shocked, shocked to hear something like this went on….

“I think the success of these talks thus far is due to the vice president and the way he has conducted the meetings,” Cantor explained.

“it’s been a great, pleasant surprise” to work with Cantor. “The guy’s as smart as hell,” Biden said, adding that Cantor has “been totally, completely straightforward and sincere.”

(Btw, just how smart is hell? On Google, I can find no reference!)

Elsewhere in the House majority leader’s comments on deficit-reduction talks he praised to the Times-Dispatch, the panel led by Vice President Delaware’s Joe Biden.

The commission had identified a possible $1 trillion in cuts. Cantor cited the seriousness of the endeavor and the civility of the tone mentioning “this is how the political realm ought to function”.

Remember Dick Cheney?