60 required…

53 Democrats…
-1 Joe Manchin D-WV X
-1 Kay Hagen D NC X
-1 Mark Pryor D AR X

-1 Bernie Sanders VT
-1 Debbie Stabenow MI X

48 Democrats for…


+1 Susan Collins ME
+1 Scott Brown MA
+1 Mitch McConnell KY
+1 Olympia Snowe ME
+1 Lisa Murkowske AK
+1 Mark Kirk IL
+1 Kay Bailey Hutchinson
+1 Lamar Alexander TN
+1 Bob Corker TN
+1 John McCain AZ
+1 Charles Grassley IA X
+1 Richard Lugar IN
+1 Saxby Chambliss AL X
+1 Tom Coburn OK
+1 Mike Crapo ID
+1 Lindsey Graham SC X
+1 Orin Hatch UT X
+1 John Kyl AZ
+1 Jeff Sessions AL X

I calling 67 votes for passage.

Missed some: Those in italics I got wrong. I miscalculated and guessed that the older ones, the dinosaurs, would be more inclined to cross party lines to forge a compromise, knowing the severity of default. They were the holdouts. I missed that entirely. Most of the freshmen fell in line with the spirit of cooperation… All in all, 7 Democrats voted against their president. 28 Republicans fell in behind their president.

States to watch, ones with both senators voting for default…. Alabama, Iowa, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Utah. Don’t drink any water imported from these five states.