It’s an argument of distraction.

What is important, is that two sides with intractable positions found a way to forge a compromise that moves us forward.

Of course we could scream “where’s ours?”

But, Progressives gave up the House without a fight, and therefore, they lost the toss, and have to accept a different playing field from the one we had the first two years.

The deficit issue is something that has to be addressed.

It now has. It will be paid off by the middle class and the poor.

And if you had wanted more equality, then you had better get off your butts, and work a lot harder to get the message out directly to your friends, your fellow employees, your acquaintances, and to those to whom you owe money…. that yes, taxes are good, tax cuts are bad, and the only way to improve our lot, is to make sure no Republican gets reelected…..

Only then, will you have your progress… In the meantime,

a) the debt ceiling is postponed until 2013
b) cuts, when they come, will be split 50/50 between security and non-security spending.
c) the Bush tax cuts are now guaranteed to expire through a veto, after 2012.
d) the government didn’t default.

Saying Eric Cantor relented causing the compromise to go forward, or saying the Democrats caved, Republicans got all they wanted, is playing into the hands of those who prosper from divided government.

Most reading this have previously lamented the fact, that Congress “Just couldn’t get along”…. Well, for once they did, and most of us should be celebrating that fact by drinking wine, beer, or hard liquor.