Reagan? Close, Jimmy Carter? Don’t make me laugh? George Bush the One, not quite. Calvin Coolidge? No. Gerald Ford? Ha, ha…

Actually, William Jefferson Clinton leads the pack with increasing jobs 11.5% in his first term, and then another 11.2% on top of his first term results. That is the highest any president in recorded history increased the amount of work available for its nation’s citizens. Who was second? Reagan’s second term, 10.8… His first term was a modest 5.1%… Who will you guess is third?

Jimmy Carter, the much maligned president who put peace in the Middle East, and generated an increase of 10.3 % new jobs, which started to collapse almost as soon as Reagan began to talk about cutting taxes…

The president behind the greatest tax cut in history, George W. Bush, created the second lowest number of jobs, Zero point zero 0.0 his first term, and 1.1% his second. He is only beaten on the low end by Herbert Hoover, the last person who pushed tax cuts through Congress….

Harding was 4.5%…. Coolidge, the darling of the tax cutting Republicans, held at a 2.2% increase….

Just looking at this chart of number of jobs created under each president, is it obvious that under the tax increasors… Bill Clinton,(11.5) RONALD REAGAN (10.8), and Jimmy Carter (10.3)…

When you want to destroy, crash and burn the economy, you give the wealthy tax cuts, just like Hoover (-6.9), George W. Bush (0.0). or Dwight Eisenhower (0.8), or Calvin Coolidge, (2.6)…..

Incidentally following Coolidge, Eisenhower, Bush (W), and Hoover, were devastating depressions. The years of Carter, Reagan and Clinton, we were all doing pretty well……….

Tax cuts are bad. America is bleeding red… Slashing more open wounds, certainly won’t heal it…. Eliminate the Bush tax cuts and America will be at full steam in 6 months. Things will look better in 3….