My suggestion is that until that $5 million tax burden on the poor is taken off the table, I am hard pressed to support a tax cut of $7 million on those higher earners“,  
John Kowalko, State Representative 24th District

And in 34 words, we see the folly of tax cuts on the wealthy. What good does $80 dollars per $100,000 assessed, do to the economy? But the Medicare cuts, which are simply a percentage of the total costs a person must payout, mean additional charges to individuals that range from $800 to $50,000?

You tell me! Which one affects the local economy more… Creating additional charges which take away money that otherwise would be spent on groceries or necessities, or an unneeded $80 dollars that gets spent towards buying a piece paper: one that declares you the owner of a small piece of a bar of gold, somewhere supposedly stored in a someone-who-you-don’t-know’s vault?

Tax cuts will never, never, never stimulate the economy. The only thing that stimulates the economy is to put more money in the hand of people who buy “things”. Pay people more. If corporate America won’t agree do that, then we need a government who will make them….

Remember the past decade? The fight about unions? This, is why America needs strong unions. Get rid of unions, we become nothing.

When unions were strong, the middle class was strong. When unions became weak, the middle class couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

Delaware is overdue for a non work day, to show corporate America, that Delaware will help them succeed, but only to the point that it doesn’t kill us in the process…..