Antimatter exists... It's real!
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While all eyes were focused on the fake news event of galactic proportions… ie, Camping’s prediction, real shattering events in the world of science were actually taking place… which stretched out to the extreme may one day, like Star Trek and Star Wars, send men at warp speed to distant galaxies…

Antimatter… the opposite of matter, was found and held for 16.6 minutes…. That is plenty of time to bring another hydrogen atom damn smack into it… Creating, something magnificent…creating results bordering on what we don’t know yet ….

Trust numbers, not people… Math predicted their existence, and even though no one quite new how to find them, most accepted them on mathematical evidence… In my lifetime, and yours, this great event took place…. and went unnoticed for several weeks, because the world was ending….. not…

Praise be to mankind, who has grasped the inner workings of matter itself… Praise be to Europeans, … who did not kill their super collider as did America’s numbskull republicans…..