It was with great relief to see Tommywonk’s account of the House Energy Hearing. In case you missed it, here are a couple of lines worth re-mentioning.

A vote to release the bill to the House floor failed 3 to 4. Then a motion to table the bill passed 4 to 3.

The room was packed with environmental advocates and opponents of RGGI, who were led by the Caesar Rodney Institute and the 9/12 Delaware Patriots.

Lots of numbers were thrown around, and the opponents warned of the enormous costs of participation in RGGI. But these dire predictions of high costs have not yet come true

I could find nothing about this on Delaware Liberal or Delaware Way. I fact if it were not for Tommywonk, I would have missed this huge event entirely.

This bill is now dead.

The room was packed with opponents of RGGI… Had the environmentalists not been there to balance out their numbers, a travesty would surely have occurred.
We would have to listen to their false science for the rest of the session…

Bottom line, as Tommywonk shows, there is ABSOLUTELY no truth to anything the Delaware Patriots or the Ceasar Rodney Institute say about the RGGI….

And the entire northeast region owes a huge debt of gratitude “he” who put his finger in the dyke..

So the next time you step outside and see a glorious summer day, crystal blue, or glance at your summer electric bill and see it’s lower this year than last years, remember to whisper a “thank you” to the person who prevented the unthinkable, Delaware’s exit from the RGGI,

“Tommywonk” is the man.

If Delaware’s Caesar Rodney Institute is Gaston, ….. Tommy is the “beast”….