As a Delawarean you have to feel good… During the 2008 election only one candidate, and that was Delaware’s Joe Biden, brought up the issue of Pakistan.

Since he’s become part of the administration, Pakistan has become a priority in the war against the Taliban. We knew Osama was hiding somewhere in Pakistan; we just did not know where. In 2008, only thirty sorties of Predator missions had flown in Pakistan. That doubled to 59 the first year of the Biden-Obama administration, and was again doubled to over 118, this past year. Likewise the rules for engagement against Pakistan targets were relaxed. Prior to Biden’s influence, only members on a list of 26, could be taken out. Now, with the standards relaxed, if the predator comes across a car bomb being built, it can apply deadly force. Once, only after investigating the damage on the ground, was it discovered then, that a high ranking target had been eliminated.

Of course, all this attention comes with a price..

Imagine how nervous you would be if Red Chinese tanks patrolled your neighborhood development. Occasionally you could hear explosions within ear range, and later drive by to find what looked like a house hit by a tornado and obliterated. Occasionally you might hear that a mistake had been made, and the guns had taken aim at an innocent target. That would do a lot to bolster your confidence.

Furthermore, if the Red Chinese flew into America to kill/capture one of their dissidents with which we had no quarrel, we would protest loudly too. “Hey, he’s on our land, and you have no right to come and endanger us in the process”… Funny thing, if it happened over here, the Republicans would be the first to denounce it. If it happens over there, they are clamoring all over how to get a piece of the credit….

So, like it or not, the Paki’s have a legitimate gripe against the United States.

Likewise, we have some difficulties with them… How can it be possible that not one Pakistan’s intelligence officer knew of or reported the compound only 15 kliks from their military academy? This puts the ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence organization, in a rather bad light as the rest of the international community looks over the scenario, and quietly nods knowingly….” uh, huh”…. It also shows the resourcefulness and the wisdom of NOT telling the Pakistani’s exactly where Mr. Ben Laden was thought to be staying… …

Succinctly put: they hid Bin Laden from us; we found out and blatantly violated their sovereignty to get him… That amounts to a wash. Under Muslim law, if a violation against one family, is met with another violation upon the other, both counteract each other bringing the net worth of the violations .. to zero.

The US needs Pakistan’s on-the-ground intelligence. Pakistan needs US space and aerial intelligence. Therefore, we will both go forward with the relationship, and do whatever each has to do, to keep the other happy. Who knows? With Bin Laden out of the way, perhaps the fact that we no longer are on opposite ends of one of the big sticks, may pave the way to a smoother relationship….

It’s called diplomacy, and creates a safer world.

And it started with one of our own, from here, … in Delaware.