I really didn’t know..

What happens when Republicans can’t get their act together, and close our government because women won’t let them into their uterus?

“Uh, … can I go into your Uterus?”


“Damn it, bitch! I’m shutting down the government!…”

Here is the list going out of those who stop getting paychecks just because the Republicans retaliated for not being able to go up into a woman’s uterus….

There is no total at the bottom so I added them all up… 350,564… All human beings. most supporting families including children.

Ok, so what’s the average wage? The average wage of Federal Employees is $81,258….

Now, I’ve got a problem with average wages, ever since I learned that the average net worth of a bar’s patrons, jumps up by $3 billion every time Bill Gates walks into a bar…

So I will take for calculative properties only, a lesser figure, $50,000 to judge the impact. (I know when I was starting out, Federal wages weren’t $81,258!, how I wish they were!)

350,564 human beings… On a map you would have to block out the two lower counties of Delaware to show the impact of how many people would be without paychecks… (157,741 {Kent} + 192,747 {Sussex}…. Imagine, just driving down to Fenwick Island next time if all those people didn’t have jobs!… Of course we could accept that if it were due to an atomic bomb that had caused damage…

But to be caused simply because some Republicans couldn’t go up a woman’s uterus?

All those people without jobs, for a uterus? The immediate loss to our economy of $17,528,550,564 a year…. Hmm, per day, that would be…$47,990,556… 3 times the entire daily economic activity of Dover, Delaware, the 235th largest metropolitan center in the United States…. {$6,052,000,000 divided by 365.25}

This ladies and gentlemen, is the current state of our country, and will be, as long as no one dares challenge conservative values for what they are.