The tragedy is sad, and as the death toll rises it will get sadder…..

But my original takeaway was that very little damage occurred… Considering this was the worlds largest earthquake near a modern nation, the damages were less than anticipated.

Why? Intelligent people came up with intelligent solutions. Call it the superiority of science over religion….

We still have a nuclear situation that may grow out of hand, and we still have to pull a lot of money out of the globe and funnel it back to Japan, but overall, watching the videos of the quake, I was impressed by how little damage actually occurred. This was the 5th recorded largest in the world! Total damage: two bottles of red wine?

The tsunami was a different matter. Those images shook me up. I remember after seeing them while listening to Rick Jensen discuss the Wisconsin Walker fiasco.

That radio discussion suddenly seemed so little and petty, after watching cars, then boats, then ocean liners flow down city streets. What scared me most, after seeing Sumatra’s video’s 7 years ago which I thought I could survive, was the flow of what looked like nothing less than a garbage pile, marching unchallenged over fields and into towns, taking them with it. How does one survive that, I wondered?…..

Obviously, for a tsunami’s in a urban area, the answer is to build shelters that are tall. A tall concrete tower with a rounded concrete surfaces to lessen the impact from large floating objects, is obviously the best solution. The water flows in, around, and back out to see.. Multiple of these around a coastal city with sufficient warning, could drastically cut down causalities in urban areas closer to zero….

I was equally impressed by the sirens and loudspeaker systems that were evident in the videos filmed across Japan. Socially, the Japanese are organized much better than are we… Almost immediately after the first tremor, instructions were broadcast across towns for all to hear…

Secondly, I noticed that unlike American homes, most interiors appearing in the Japanese videos showed little furniture. Instead, utility shelves, like the ones seen in store stockrooms and warehouses, seemed to adorn all the homes shown, with computer screens, terminals, cameras and other electronic devices taking center stage. It was as if you went home to a computer screen, that is all you needed.Also I noticed all their cars and trucks looked new. As if all their personal income was spent on electronics, cars, and real estate.

It seems the Japanese learned much from the Kobe quake of 95. I was relieved to see that the damage was mitigated by good engineering..

It’s a lesson we should bring to this nation, if and when we get smart and stop electing Republicans…..