Republicans announced the tax cuts they will seek....

Goal: Slash 61% billion for the remainder of this year.

Funding for labor, health and human services programs would be nearly 11% below last year’s levels;

Transportation, housing and urban-development funding would drop 23%.

Commerce, justice and science programs would be reduced by 18% from last year’s level.

The nutrition program for women, infants and children would be cut by $7.47 billion.

Head Start would be reduced by nearly $1.1 billion.

Abolishing more than 100 programs, including the Americorps national service program, aid to family planning programs for the poor and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Cuts of $88 million for the Food Safety and Inspection Service, which inspects meat and poultry (becoming vegetarian; now highly recommended).

Loss of $241 million for the Food and Drug Administration.

Cut $5 billion from high-speed rail programs.

Remove $600 million from other infrastructure spending.

The COPS program, which funds police departments, would be reduced by $501 million.

Energy efficiency programs would fall by $786 million.

Looks like a very bad economic year next year; the same way 1937 destroyed all the gains made since 1933…..

Just think. None of this would be necessary if last November, only one member of the Republican minority had just agreed to rollback the Tax Break for the top 1%….