I predict by the end of May we will be discussing shutdown of the federal government. Based on today’s comments I foresee the next fiscal year rolling over without capitulation by either party. For a while at least, there will be no funding.

I think it is a good thing if we do shut down the Fed. . It will take politics from a parlor sport out into the real world.

The argument will be simple.

Republicans: we are shutting down the government because it spends too much.

Democrats: They are shutting down the government because they don’t believe in Social Security, Medicare, Health Care Coverage, or believe that the government should fix your roads, pay for your teachers, invest in new technologies, or anything else.

It would be interesting to see how long the Republicans last when they return this summer to their districts and have to answer questions as to why all the spending that has supported their districts economically since WWII, is because of them, now no longer available…..

Their answer: because we don’t think the rich and wealthy 1% should pay for it…

It will be an interesting summer and should finally prove to everyday Americans, that republican philosophy is hot air aimed simply “to do what benefits our wealthy benefactors.” … period.
The report comes out tomorrow…..