43% of Americans want the Republican Congress to focus on job creation, not repealing health care.

Only 18% thought Health Care Repeal should even be a priority. Only 14% thought the deficit should be a priority.

And among those 18% wanting Obamacare to be removed, only 50%(9%) wanted it to be rolled back completely…. 44% of those wanted to keep a lot of options in….

When asked where we should cut, and given these three choices, Military, Medicare, and Social Security, 55% said the military, 21% said Medicare, and 13% said Social Security.

Doesn’t look good for the Republicans…

Considering they want to cut $100 billion this year, which at $50,000 a year, means the elimination of ……. 2 million jobs…..

So when Americans say they think job growth should be the number one priority…. and we have a Republican Congress that is chomping at the bit to cut 2 million jobs (remembering that the first two years of Republican Bush’s term, we also lost 2 million jobs that never came back)…… Democrats grow jobs; republicans lose them.

Does anyone else see the great disconnect here? How does this nation elect officials who get in, all the while promising to do, just what America does not want done? Could money have something to do with it?