Lightning Strikes; No Damage is Done
Photo courtesy of 4AOS

With WikiLeaks being out of the news lately, I searched up what had been the most shocking revelations emanating from the world’s largest release of clandestine information…. Here were the top ten.

1) The US mislead the world on the amount of Iraqi’s who died by our hands as we stormed across our country….

No secret here. This is a military requirement. You always overstate your enemy’s casualties, and underestimate your own. Now, with the technology of instant communication, you have to steer clear of secondary causalities from innocent bystanders. Meaning they have to be zero, or as close to that as possible.

2) There were reports of torture that did not make the news reels. Again, of course. That is why it is called war and not high school athletics. War brings out the worst in people. We knew it happened long time ago, and that the Bush era was covering it up. , Again, no secret here. But if it were to happen today, the Obama administration would be forced to cover it up as well. This is no secret.

3) Issued in June 2004, Frago 242 required that coalition troops not investigate any breach of the laws of armed conflict unless it directly involved members of the coalition. Again, under their sovereignty, Iraqi’s had the right to do what they did. The coalition had jurisdiction, but not the power to override local actions. They were fighting a war requiring the Iraqi’s to police their own.

Again, no secret here.

4) The same unit and helicopter call sign Crazyhorse 18, which strafed and killed two Reuters employees and innocent children, also gunned down two militants who were trying to surrender to it. But wait, how can one surrender to a helicopter? Letting them go could cost another American soldier his life? You have no way to apprehend them! You have a mission and letting them go, with nothing but blind trust you will not be fired upon again, is just crazy. You have a minute, if not a second to make the decision. If a life is going to be lost, best it not be an American one. This is no secret; this should be no surprise.

5) The Iraqi hikers who were taken by Iran, were not in Iraq, but were spying in Iran… Under international law, Iran has every right to investigate and apprehend spies in its territory. Heaven’s knows. the United States certainly does the same! What would the sixties, seventies, and eighties have been without James Bond (Britain was our ally) movies? We all expected the outrage was fabricated. We all knew what had transpired..that we sent out an intelligence and infiltration mission, disguised as hikers, and got caught… Darn.

6) The documents also reveal that Iran and Hezbollah actively supported and trained anti-American Shiite militants in Iraq, such as Azhar al-Dulaimi, who abducted and beheaded four American soldiers before he was ultimately detained by U.S. forces. So Iran was conducting a shadowy war against the US in Iraq. No one is surprised now. But this supposedly is a great secret? What about the fact that Vice President Dick Cheney’s own Halliburton Company was avoiding the embargo with Iran by trading with it using a shell Halliburton company headquarted in Dubai. This secret, far more damaging to our national heritage, is one that wasn’t blown by Wikileaks.

7) Democracy was downplayed; no joke. Running a word search over the entire volume of Wikileaks, Der Spiegel reports that, in the 391,832 documents, the word “democracy” appears only eight times—improvised explosive devices are mentioned 146,895 times. I guess there may be a few people out there wearing flags on their lapels still who might be shocked at this revelation, but… I would think a military organization SHOULD be more concerned with objects blowing up it’s soldiers, than with how that nation’s future government shall be run… At least as a soldier in that particular branch of military,…… I would hope so.

8) The Syrian’s were helping Iraqi insurgents… No shit! This is a secret? The only nation that had anything in common with the Iraqi Baathist, was secretly helping them? How horrible! What an amazing revelation.

9) Private security contractors made mistakes and are: poorly trained, poorly motivated, and poorly led. These contractors, including Blackwater, were guilty of considerable mistakes, yet still have nothing to show their usefulness. On May 14, 2005, an American unit reportedly “observed a Blackwater PSD shoot up a CIV vehicle,” killing a father and wounding his wife and daughter. In another incident, a British contractor working with ArmorGroup shot and killed two of his co-workers in Baghdad during the summer of 2009, before trying to escape through the heavily fortified Green Zone. This again is nothing new. This argument was prevalent during the 2006 elections, as well as the 2008 elections. There is nothing worth mentioning. It is common knowledge that the only reason these private security firms were allowed into Iraq, was the sweat-heart deal arranged between their owners and then Vice President Cheney.

Finally, rounding out the top ten:

10) There is tension between the Kurds and Arabs of northern Iraq. Amazing revelation! Haven’t they been at odds the past two milleniums? Does it matter that they hate each other, and that when the US pulls out there may be bloodshed between these two factions? Isn’t this confidential news… were we supposed to believe that they loved each other and could cooperate together as well as do blacks and whites today, playing professional football on the Atlanta Falcons team?

These are what one site considers the top ten revelations of Wiki Leaks. Essentially they are verification substantiating what we already knew… Or put into human perspective, it is like seeing a long ago beach photo taken showing a young couple making out on the beach, and using that to prove they copulated, when the woman’s child has traits that look just like the man.

There is something bigger going on here which we are not told. These leaks once investigated have no meat, no secretive information. They will not change the dynamics on the planet…

The real tragedy is losing our freedom on the internet, because of an overreaction to nothing.

And if one finds these military actions offensive, discussion needs to take place… on how we want ourselves perceived in the future.
We should use the information to make ourselves a better nation.. Establish guidelines over when it is acceptable to fight dishonorably.

War is hell. The internet is our friend. You know, sometimes having a good friend in a relationship, actually does help prevent war from breaking out between two parties…