Senator Landrieu of Louisiana dropped a bombshell today. From one of her committee hearings this past year, one of those testifying mentioned the median figure of America’s family’s net worth was around $47,000….

She asked it they had those figures broken down by race.

“Sure,” she was told.

The median level … that is the point where 50% are above and 50% are below, for whites, was $67,000 dollars. (Net worth is where they take all a familiy’s assets, and subtract from it, all they owe.) The median for Hispanic families, ….. is $8000, dollars… That means that 50% of Hispanic families are below a net worth of $8,000 dollars. And for blacks…. that figure is $4000 dollars.

And now Obama and the Republicans are telling us, that the top 1%, needs the $970 billion dollars more than any of these people. And that they need it sooo bad, that if they don’t get it, no one else can have tax relief either, nor can unemployment be extended, and what’s most unfair, Mr. President, is that we will have to borrow that money, just to give it to them, and then, at some point in the future, figure out over time, how to pay it back… with interest.

Mr. President, there are a lot better uses for $970 billion dollars.