Wikileaks published some cables it had in its possession.

The US first pressured who was it’s server. Amazon dropped them. They then blocked the EveryDNS site that took over from Amazon, who dropped them as well. Then Visa, Mastercard,and Paypal were pressured into not paying Wikileaks money owed to them. Sweden, pressured by the US, found two hookers willing (for a sum, mind you) to press sex charges against Wikileaks founder, in what all parties admitted, was a consensual arrangement. Now Britain, pressured by the US, is considering extraditing that person to Sweden.

Normal, everyday people fought back. Their freedom is at stake. Yesterday, Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal went down under multiple service requests.

Tomorrow it may be the British Government itself.

So far, no military information has been disclosed. So far nothing that affects our security has been disclosed. The only thing disclosed…. are certain State Department officers opinions of international figures.

Again, this whole mess is due to people’s opinions…

What? We can’t have opinions on the internet now? If this is not settled with a negotiated settlement,…. yeah. This action by the US government sets the precedent that we can’t express opinions on the internet anymore.. Gee!… Who would that benefit?

It has long been held that the internet is simply an extension of discussion. Are we not allowed to express our opinions verbally in assembly? Are we not allowed to express our opinions in written letters? Are we not allowed to express our opinions in emails?

Apparently members of our government prefer that we not say anything on the internet… Sorry… That’s out of date. The internet IS my primary method of expressing my opinions. It is how I reach those closest to me. To paraphrase Pink Floyd: it IS who i am.

The freedom of internet must be protected at all costs, just like I protect my right to say, “Mr. DeLuca. That’s bullshit.” If that means shutting down a second rate government unwilling to think on it’s own feet, then… so be it.

Of course.. the Chinese are watching. There are great lessons to be learned here! Huge lessons! Whichever minor officer of the Executive Branch who initiated the call to go after Wikileaks, put this nation in great danger.

Lesson learned. If the US puts all of Fort Myers and Fort Quantico’s servers into action to attack a site, it pales to what independent home computers can do if those owners are not on your side. Bluntly put, it’s a lot easier to block 10 million DoS from one location, than it is to block one DoS bot from 10 million locations scattered around the globe. Upon seeing this, China ought to be handing out to each it’s 1.3 billion citizens, their own personal computer. With our paltry 330 million civilians, we’re outnumbered three to one. There’s no way we can win a cyber war.

Who would have thought decentralizing warfare, would be better than creating a cyber service?