I’ll be brief.

A change occurred because of Tea Partiers. Their frustration centered around a failing America.

Now when I talk the tea party, I don’t mean what you hear from the media. I’m sure, (in fact we know it), that Samuel Adams himself sounded a little crazy when he first began touting independence from Great Britain. Fortunately one sticks around when someone is handing out free beer, and …. well…. here we are.

What’s gone wrong with this country?

In a previous post below I have a character who says: “I fear for my country when it’s citizens believe my Healh Insurance Company has my own best interests at heart.” Of course the health industry doesn’t.

But you would never know it from what is being said in the media.

Bottom line is: our whole lives are determined by “marketing.” (Just curious… which toothpaste do you buy? Why? Next time in the aisle, read the labels of twenty or more.. Same ingredients: same percentages.)

It’s same with political candidates. The campaigns are full of promise, but when in power…. who do they deliver to?

Whereas our lives two hundred years were controlled by a king, and court over 3000 miles away….. today, we are being controlled by a similar handful of powerful people. They own governments. The politicians work for them, if they can of course, get past us and our votes…

The fault is therefore ours. We put them in. Case in point. Coons just voted for blocking any internet site that had copyright infringement…. As a freshman walking in I admit, I would have done the same. There is no way I would have stuck by neck out to be the sole dissenting vote. After all, just starting out, I wouldn’t know any details and would assume that if both parties were in favor, it was a slam dunk decision.

However if it passes both houses, we one day will regret this bill. We all know, had we blocked the VCR, the MP3, the DVr, or cable companies “on demand” services, our lives would be less rich today. Each of these technological advances had a bill initiated to block their use, again because of perceived copyright infringements. (Those bills were supported by the same interests as is this one.) Can you imagine growing up or raising kids without a VCR?

So exactly why should the internet be allowed to be blocked as well?

Next statement: we are actually in the age of disinformation because with such a wealth of mankind’s knowledge at our fingertips, are we totally dependent on being told what is out there.

One can see it anytime one compares reporting from our media, MSNBC, CNN, or others against the world’s news media. We don’t get even half of the full picture of what is happening.

Bottom line, is what we hear is bunk. Americans have no trustworthy source of information.

Consider new plans of action.

1) Corporate political advertising needs to be tagged as such. ” This political message was made up and paid for by BP Oil. There is no law that says we have to be truthful in anything we say.”

2) Any politician accepting corporate money and voting on any bill that affects that company’s welfare, can be prosecuted for violating the public’s interest. The impossibility of one politician being able to keep up with all the intricacies, and the number of people out there looking for “gotcha” moments to pin him to a wall, should make politicians quick to say “no thank you” to corporate bribes currently disguised as political donations.

And … bottom line. is that if companies have this much money to throw away, ….. we should be taxing them to use that money currently wasted on goods and services that should either be growing our economy, or buying down our debt…. Obviously our tax structure is set far too low if it allows this biannual waste of money.

So.. bottom line: Our nation will not get off the ground until we as did Teddy Roosevelt, put corporations back into the corral.

From this point on our political conflicts are no longer Democrat versus Republican. They are corporate versus people… As Coons just showed, it is hard to draw a line isolating one party as pro corporate and the other party as pro people…. Once you understand that, you begin to understand the attraction that the Tea Partiers have with Americans living on the outside of the beltway.