I’ve always enjoyed Frank’s pieces. We may have differed on some subjects, but he says what he thinks.

Yesterday he impressed me. Because it is exactly what I’ve been saying for two years. I just never put it as bluntly as did he….

Here is his lead up:

Even after the recent loss of Michele Rollins and Mike Castle in the GOP primary, both were the GOP endorsed candidates, the NCC GOP Committee chooses another left leaning “MODERATE”. Moderate has become code speak for someone the GOP hopes will appeal to Democrat voters. In the press release Mr. Kovak is described as a “FISCAL CONSERVATIVE”, this is code speak for moderate and someone who the GOP hopes will appeal to Democrats.

And here is the left jab:

“As a fiscal conservative with a proven record of fighting excessive government spending and higher taxes, Tom knows how to hold government accountable. Tom’s candidacy will offer voters a clear and unmistakable choice between someone who will challenge the tired status quo that has led to conflicts of interest, shortsighted planning, higher taxes and a systemic budget deficit, and the forces that have been part of the problem.”

That was from the press release announcing Mr. Kovak’s selection. Please tell me what in that description will appeal to a struggling single mother. Tell me what in that will appeal to a family living in one of Wilmington’s poorer neighborhoods, who worries about their children’s safety as they walk to school? What in that addresses the drug problem in the county? Does the NCC GOP Committee really think that the people of NCC who are living in the poorest areas of the county care about , “a systemic budget deficit” ? Who is the GOP attempting to reach with this short-sighted message? Are they trying to reach out to rank and file Democrats and Republicans? Or just people who write checks?

This is exactly why I’ve said the Tea Partier’s have more of America’s heart than do the Republicans.  And I would have to say, that Frank’s message, applies to Democrats as well.

It is time for real patriots, on both the left and right, to unite and fight the real enemy:  corporate checks.  This is what has been slowly killing off America, no matter whose party is in power.  This is why we haven’t gotten the change this nation needs if it is to survive:  both sides are bought out.