There once was a dude named Bonini
Who unfortunately lacked much of a wienie.
Each time the Budget come out,
He’d do nothing but shout,
Bellowing opera like Mr. Pacini.

There once was a guy from downstate.
Who bragged of his education of late…
Till prying was done,
His degree was “in fun”.
Proving to Republicans, that lying’s a trait.

A Republican once gandered for power…
But was out-shown when next to a Flower.
His facts were a mess,
He couldn’t confess,
So he’d hide behind “The Witch”‘s robes and he’d cower.

There once was a man without merit.
Who ran as state Treasurer with no carrot.
He carried only a stick,
“Cuts” that made Delaware sick,
Repeating what he was told like a parrot.

Once State Legislature was terrible,
Until Democrats finally made it bearable.
But one Republican Grandstanded,
Forever becoming branded,
As the loon who made David Anderson’s suit wearable….

As Treasurer Chip Flowers is Amazing.
Whereas Bonini is somewhat debasing.
Holding out a fake degree,
And disappearing to pee,
Each time the Budget comes up “blazing”.

There was a Republican without backbone,
Who voted “no” against every budget known.
He couldn’t decide.
So he gave it a free ride,
Thereby “Bonini’ing” the state with a groan.

The question we face is thus..
You were too scared to stand up for us,
What make you think now,
We’ll have faith in just how
You’ll turn our triple AAA+ rating to rust….. ?