A brief reflection.

You can’t be a general and write. You have to be a retired general and write. Being involved in the action saps the writing opportunities. It is not that opportunities never materialize; it is that the will to pursue them after a day of battle, is simply not there.

Therefore, I have concluded that the party out of power will by the virtue of being unemployed, always have the upper hand at writing posts here in this forum. I thought it was through skill and verbal manipulation that we accomplished the things we did. I now concur it was just the natural course of action that carried us to prominence during the waning years of the Republican era. While they were busy governing, we could sit, watch, pick them apart, and bleed them dry. I must say: we did a pretty good job of demolishing any respect that any Republican could ever have in his party’s leadership at both the state and national level. Damn good job we did of it, too.

Interestingly enough, once unemployed, the Republicans have failed to do the same. After all, you can’t argue lies and fake dogma when people are starving. They made exactly the same mistake during the last Republican Depression. That miscalculation labeled them the minority party for the next 60 years!

Perhaps it is just me. Today I see little of the passion, the fervor, the aggressiveness that flowed out of everyone between the years 06 to 08, when those in the center were fighting for the very soul of this nation itself. Back then, it was easy to fight an enemy so ably portrayed by Dick Cheney. But today it is hard to fight your neighbor, who in every other way, is just like you but happens to disagree. Sure, you can argue your point, but the fun has gone. And from those of us who blog, if it isn’t fun… we stop doing it.

Once in power, we put our energy into doing our duty. Unfortunately, it takes most of our brain power. Once done, there is little time to write. Whereas that passionate drive once bore fruits in blogging, it now bears results that are real. For the first time… all across this great nation, we have the people putting a muzzle on the out-of-control private health-care networks. For the second time in history, we have the people putting a muzzle on the Wall Street squanderers who wagered our entire economy on a bad bet. For the third time in history, the people of this great nation, have a government that is working for them, instead of the corporate moneyed interests.

Over these two years, great things have come. Great changes have taken place. But with great changes comes risk. And the party we put out of work, has tried to drum up populist fears about that said risk. But face it; those fears are no different than any fear that boils up when say… buying a house. “That’s a lot of money to sign for!” But we do it and most of us move past the stage where we throw our money away on rent. Someone looking over our shoulder could cause us a lot of damage if they dissuaded us from buying one. “What about all the debt you’ll owe!” Most likely, the person doing so, would be our dear old landlord; the one who had the most to lose… lol.

But as most of you would agree: having a house is worth it. Likewise having a nation in the hands of it’s people again, … is worth it. We gave corporations their chance; you cannot run a nation like a corporation. Why? Because it fails.

Now that we are smarter, we don’t have to write it, post it, comment on it, and immortalize it. Instead we do it. accomplish it, thereby leaving a world far better than any corporate government could ever accomplish.

The Republican philosophy is dead (actually Cheney killed it). Even now in its prophase stage of mitosis, as you look at Congress, you can see Democrats jostling to split apart, some filling the void left by disappearing Republicans.

And as we can all imagine, after you’ve killed a philosophy dead, and officially buried it, it’s really hard to stay mad at it forever…..

Of course I could pretend………. but then again: that’s not me.