Here is just a taste of some random samplings of line items in our state’s budget…

It’s what we fought for, and (by flipping the state House from Republican to Democrat) won, so…… here it is…. Your open government in action.

Section 127. The Delaware Heritage Office shall investigate which out of print books and writings on Delaware history should be considered for republication. Further, the Delaware Heritage Office shall investigate which writings in these categories would be valuable for republication.  A report
shall be made to the Controller General and Director of the Office of  Management and Budget by December 1 of each fiscal year.

Section 129. Section 1 of this Act makes an appropriation to Libraries (20-08-01) in the amount  of $2,608.7 GF and $1,760.8 ASF for Library Standards. Of that amount, Libraries may reserve up to  $436.9 for planning and evaluation grants to determine each library’s attainment of state and federal  library standards. The remaining funds shall be paid to libraries in two installments equal to 50 percent of  the total amount allocated to that library, one installment upon signature of the contract and the second
installment in January of the fiscal year. Funds granted to any library under the provisions of 29 Del. C.  c. 66,  if unspent at the end of the fiscal year shall not revert to the General Fund, but instead shall be held in an account for the benefit of the library from which the unspent funds came. These funds may be spent in subsequent years for purposes described in 29 Del. C. c. 66. The use of such carryover funds shall not  be used as part of any subsequent years’ formula payment.

Section 215. Section 1 of this Act appropriates $40.0 in Personnel Costs to the Department of   Correction, Community Corrections, New Castle County Community Corrections (38-06-06) for the  purpose of maintenance overtime costs at Riverview Cemetery. Implementation shall not commence until the City of Wilmington agrees to be financially responsible for tipping or hauling expenses  associated with Riverview Cemetery.

Section 283. (a) Section 1 of this Act provides an appropriation of $425.0 in Employment and  Training, Employment and Training Services (60-09-20) for the Delaware State Summer Youth  Employment Program to operate a program commencing July 1, 2010. The budget will take into  consideration the funds required to commence the program at the end of Fiscal Year 2011, on or about  June 15, 2011. This sum is to be allocated in the following manner:
New Castle County (outside the City of Wilmington) $ 69.7
City of Wilmington $256.7
Kent County $49.3
Sussex County $49.3
TOTAL $425.0

Section 284. Section 1 of this Act makes an appropriation of $497.8 ASF to the Department of  Agriculture for the Delaware Agriculture Land Preservation Foundation pursuant to 29 Del. C. §  6102A(d)(3). The Foundation shall not operate any accounts outside of the State accounting system.

There….. that should get things started….