Catholic hospitals Saturday rallied behind President Barack Obama’s health care bill ahead of a House vote in which anti-abortion lawmakers could play a decisive role.

The chief executive of the Catholic Health Association, Carol Keehan, wrote on the group’s Web site that although the legislation isn’t perfect, it represents a “major first step” toward covering all Americans and would make “great improvements” for millions of people.

And the freaks are scared…

I was shocked when it was brought to my attention, really. This is a rather eventful pivot point.

The Catholic Church, through this venue, has decided that more good, will come about from President Obama’s Healthcare Reform, than harm.. The Catholic Church. has come out in favor of Obama’s Healthcare Reform Plan…


Because it helps people. It helps people get well. It helps people stay well. It helps drop costs down so more people can be treated…

The compassion and hope that this bill provides is so great, that the Catholic Church is willing to look the other way on the abortion planks… That shows you just how good this bill is seen to be by the Catholic Church… Who in their lifetimes would think the Catholic Church would look the other way on abortion? But Obama’s healthcare reform bill is so good, so helpful, such a wonderful piece of legislation, that the Catholic Church simply cannot dismiss it.. In fact, the Catholic Church wants this bill to go through so badly, that it supports it, despite some qualms over abortion planks that may or may not be added…. Who would have ever thought they’d see the day!

If it is good for the Catholic Church, by default, it must be good for all Americans…. (You don’t have to sell me)… Since looking at facts, I’ve been saying that for little over a year now… But some people need selling, and now, this group of Catholic hospitals, has decided that better health care for all Americans, is indeed a worthy cause to get behind…

The current legislation would allow private insurance plans operating in a new insurance marketplace to cover abortions, provided they do not use taxpayer funds. What makes that tricky is that many of the plans’ customers would be receiving federal subsidies to help pay their premiums. So the legislation requires plans offering abortion coverage to collect a separate premium from their policyholders. Those separate checks would have to be kept in a different account from money for other health care services.

The radicals of the Right to Life movement, differ with the mainstream element of their church. Douglas Johnson, legislative director for National Right to Life, poo-poo’d the segregation of funds called for in the Senate bill as a bookkeeping trick. His group has bluffed it will count any vote for the House bill as support for taxpayer-funded abortion. “No Catholic hospital executive has ever turned out hundreds of volunteers to man the phone banks or walk the precincts for an endangered congressman or his challenger,” Johnson shrieked in response to the hospital group’s announcement.

I am grateful the Catholic Church is supporting Obama’s version of Healthcare Reform.

Now, if we can only get them to excommunicate all those Republicans who won’t support it….

After all, anyone who opposes legislation that represents a “major first step” toward covering all Americans and would make “great improvements” for millions of people, deserves to go to hell.