In my yearly burst of genius, ( only happens that frequently), I thought that if I were to lay the Senate candidates strategies out now, the very ones that will play out over the next few months, then registered voters wiser at knowing ahead of what will happen, can by their questions force the candidates to battle person against person. idea against idea… We the voters will finally be given a choice between two stripped down men, and not have to be swayed by glossy ads, television spots, and dandy jingles on WDEL as well as WGMD…

We all know that it is a very few people who actually know what is going on. They set the parameters for the rest of us… We listen to a news report and gasp… not knowing that the timing of its release was calculated to achieve that very optimal effect… So what I’m envisioning, is to make the blog world so interesting that readers are attracted to what gets said here, that we will control the election cycle instead of the high paid advisers who get paid to manipulate our thoughts and feelings..

In full disclosure, many of you know that Republican policies are a flat fail… If you don’t know that yet, read the archives… They are and there is nothing anyone can do about it.. However, that said, if Mike Castle were to impress me more than Chris Coons, I am not above voting for him. I want only the best for my children and grand children. Therefore it is in my best interest to make this campaign more man against man, and put all the crap that sucks up your political donations, into a pile called irrelevant.

But fans of Mike Castle should see this as the single most valuable opportunity of their campaign. For if they can convince this writer their belief that their candidate is better, they have a fighting chance despite what the polls say today… For if they can convince me in that their candidate has some form of merit, as I said … I really don’t care whether a Democrat or Republican wins this seat. I do care deeply and sincerely, that it is the best man who wins. Again, if you want proof, read my archives.

Mike Castle’s strategy will be to run on his record. With his close medical scare last election, he has now assumed stateman-like status, similar to that of Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts who like Castle, continued to get elected because of his name, his longevity, his personal association with people located in his home state. Most voters have no clue on how Mike Castle voted. They might remember he was a good governor, and they have remember seeing his green and blue signs parked in the same spots every two years… Mike’s strategy will be to keep that advantage going, by making personal appearances and handing out the very big government checks against which he voted. As I said, voters are not aware or do they care how a candidate actually voted….

Mike’s prime strategy will be to keep voter’s who have always voted for him before, to vote for him again. In 2008, against a poorly run campaign but a nice candidate, Mike Castle won by 89,003 votes... Assuming the numbers of voters going to the polls will be similar as 2008, to achieve a win by one vote assuming a two party race, he needs this total: 192,729 … The number who flat out will not vote for him (in other words the floor), stands at 146,434 ….. The battle is strictly for the difference between the two: that roughly 46,295 votes between who didn’t vote for KHN and the number he needs to win….

That number 47,000 should be posted in giant letters on every wall of every Republican household and on the window of every Republican headquarters….

This race boils down to that one number. Mike Castle’s entire strategy is to keep 47,000 of those who voted for him in 2008, from straying into the other camp in 2010….. He doesn’t need to do anything else.. He needs no grand speeches, he needs no great bills passed between now and November, he needs to do nothing, except make sure he doesn’t piss off those extra 47,000 voters… The 47,001 voter? Who cares, he or she is not needed. …

By the count of the last election cycle, Mike has a surplus of 42,708 votes he can piss away… So as we hear the Democrats inspiring stories of people peeling off from Mike Castle’s Republican-styled-run campaign, disgusted by his association with the “Party of Ideas That Destroyed A Nation”, we need to realize that unless it is more than 42,709 voters defecting, any and all such reports are irrelevant.

On the other hand, Chris Coons is no KHN. Whereas Mike has been banished for 18 years in Lobby-wontanimo, Chris Coons has been operating in the executive capacity since 2000, a reality that slightly closer to the perspective experienced by most of us average Americans. His strategy will be to take Karen’s 2008 base at 138,683, and find 54047 votes out of those previously in Mike’s camp, which will side with him.

In his favor, if you take a state race with everything factored out, and isolate party versus party, you have trends pointing for Coons to take the race… In 2008, the great Matt Denn carried the race by 225028 to 141043, and the surprise winning Democratic Insurance Commissioner, carried her race by 208351 to 148,016. Therefore we see that along party lines, Coons has slightly more than the 192,729 needed to win a seat to the United States Senate, thereby ensuring that the United States of America does not return to the Bush Republican era and it’s failing philosophies….

To achieve these results the strategy is rather simple. Castle needs to distance himself from everything Republican. He needs to run on his laurels and hope that fewer than 47,000 defect to the party of good ideas. Coons, needs to embrace his party as one of the future, and needs to excite his party structure, and needs to paint Mike as a nice guy who is nevertheless, responsible for the collapsing economy. Coons needs to tie Mike to George Bush, Mike needs to tie himself to Obama..

Whichever is more successful, wins.