Everyone complains about Congress… But the truth is, it is strictly only the republicans in Congress who gum up the works. The other party(Democrats), gets things done. The other party (Democrats), discusses their differences and reaches around those differences to find ways of agreeing and moving forwards. The other party (Democrats) looks at problems in the hope of finding solutions, and not just as a way to score points against their opponents.

Republicans do not care about their constituents. Name one who does. Their actions this past year prove it.

But the other party does… Let us look at a real example where the other party did something that benefited America.

It’s been over a year since the Recovery Act was signed into law by President Obama. Even republican Mike Castle is handing out the very government checks he voted against, which of course, were passed over his objection, by the party of the people: Democrats.

The Recovery Act cut taxes for 95% of working families to help give them a level playing field as they fight to survive. It invested in our nation’s infrastructure and clean energy. it gave tax breaks to small businesses to help hire workers, and it helped out state and local governments — especially to local police departments. Republicans wanted to cut back all police departments. Fortunately Democrats understood that during hard economic times, it is exactly the wrong time to cut back on public safety.

Now, as many as 2.4 million Americans are working who would otherwise be unemployed. We’re breaking the back of the recession.

In the three months prior to the Act under republican George Bush, the nation lost 2.2 million jobs. The financial system was collapsing, and the “Great Recession” was being recognized for what it was — the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

But as you can see above, ever since the Act’s passage, America has gained 200,000 (.2 million) more jobs than were lost. That net gain of 200,000 jobs, is 200,000 more jobs than were gained by Americans during the entire Bush administration. Of course, I should specify American jobs. A lot of foreign jobs were created by American corporations during the years of Republican policy; many an American lost his job because of Republican policy.

So, if there were no such things as Republicans, this nation would be better off… If there were no such things as Republicans, our 401K’s would be better off… If there was not such things as Republicans, our average checking balance would be better off..

Republicans are wimpy… We all know it takes a real man to stand up to corporations and put jobs back into America… 200,000 more jobs than the Republicans ever did. We all know Republicans bow and kneel to every corporation. They don’t have any guts to stand up for American people.

The last thing we need is one more Republican wimp in the Senate…. We need someone who fights corporations; not kisses their ass.