Today there was a lot of discussion over the Democrats chances in future elections… Someone this morning on the Al Mascitti show, likened it to the Colts-Jets playoff game….

For a while, it looked like the Colts were outclassed… But somehow they regrouped and came back, passed the Jets, and never looked back….

The fear is that the Democrats instead will act like the Vikings… First poised to win, then create enough turnovers to allow a squeaker of a loss…. again.

The difference between the two scenarios, is attitude. The Colts, executed beautifully, and got things done… The Vikings didn’t.

Everyone agrees the election is the Democrats to lose. There is not a Republican out there who is a decent candidate… Some will run, but if they win, it is because the Democrats did not fight hard enough to stop them….

Here is why a Republican can’t win. Voters remember.

Republican policy caused our economic woes today. Republican policy took money from the middle class, and slid it upwards to the upper crust. Republican policy, rewarded the removal of our jobs overseas… Republican policy, made profits more important than people. Republican policy, moved our government from the Democrats pay as you go plan, to having our grandchildren go pay for our excesses. Republican policy allowed for deregulated derivatives. Republican policy allowed for AIG to pretend to insure investments, but instead spend the money on themselves… Republican policy, added the prescription plan to Medicare, without finding any way to pay for it… After we are dead, the bill comes due for our children and grandchildren.

Republicans will say that life was good during the Bush years… Hell, my life would be great too if I could spend whatever I wanted and have my children pay the bills…. But unlike Republicans, I know that is unrealistic… I know that sooner or later the bills come due.

We are fortunate that when they came due, a Democrat was in charge. We are fortunate that Democrats control both houses… We are unfortunate, however, that since the Republicans collapsed the hedging house of cards they built with our money, the money required to fix it must come from somewhere… We have none here now; we have to borrow it from our future. Today, Republicans want to cut all services which have no benefit to the wealthy, to pay for the excesses they spent on themselves when they controlled both houses..

When reminded of this, voters will remember… The Clinton Days are a fond distant memory… Back then we had peace, we had international respect, we had prosperity, and all of us were making far more money than we ever were before…

Nothing has changed: Democrats build. Republican tear down.

So we don’t need to be panicky over the news of one week. Yeah, some mistakes were made, but being panicky, as the Vikings found out, creates more… Better to say… “ho, hum… we can do this; it’s business as usual…” and continue to make life better for those who do vote, such as stimulate their economy, cut their health care costs, lower their energy costs, give them a job, lower their credit card charges, remover their bank fees, make it cheaper and easier to get their loan, drop their gasoline into the dollar range…. Those priorities are what they need to focus on….

They are our government. They can just do it. They don’t need anyone’s permission…. We elected Democrats to undo the Republican’s mess and make our lives more like the good years of the 90’s. They need to do it…. They don’t need to ask Republicans for permission.

Because their days are numbered. Republicans don’t have a chance in hell… You can have the best well dressed candidate, who says the right things, who proclaims themselves to be one of the people, and all it takes to deflate their balloon, if for one single person to stand up at a town meeting, and say… ” Sir/ Madame: The policies you are advocating cost my mother in law half of her savings… She has half of what she would have had if your party hadn’t tinkered with a thing...”

Suddenly everyone realizes… “hey, I lost half my savings too….”

Republicans are dead in the water…. The only way they have a remote chance in hell of winning is if we’re panicky, and they’re not… My prediction is that with all the evidence on our side, and everyone (who didn’t listen to me) still wheeling from a loss of 50% of their retirement plan… it will be the Republicans who are panicky, and not everyone else…….

We just have to calm down and let that prediction come true on its own…..