I believe it was back when he was governor…. A late event had caused a delay and church had started before he arrived….

Stepping into the back door of the Presbyterian Church of New Castle, he saw his family and proceeded to make his way to them… Of course, the whispers began …. there’s the governor, That’s Him, That’s Tom.…. So much for entering quietly….

Not much he could do, so he continues to his family’s pew, and slides in to sit down with them….

In front of him a wide eyed youth is taking all this in… He looks up from his drawing on a card, and whispers very quietly…. “Are you somebody important?”

Mr. Carper nods solemnly, and says quietly: “Yes, I am…..

Pointing to his own sons, …. “I’m their Dad.

The timing seemed right to bring this story to light today.