The health care legislation is about to go through… It will be the first time that Insurance Companies come under government control. That is worthy of celebration.

There are some real improvements over what we had… There are also some disappointments over what could have been… True, we will be paying more than we could have, because of the removal of the Public Option…. But, no longer will we be dropped because of a medical condition… “Oh you’re sick now? Good bye… Thanks for all your previous payments…”

There are some Democrats who will have to answer accusations of being sold out…. Maybe one of our own?

But, what is done is done… Just as the Cowboys whipped ass on Philadelphia last Sunday, we can’t change it.. All we can do is look forward to seeing the tables turned this week, when it counts…. or not…

But, what is done is done… Applying pressure on Tom Carper was good when it counted. Applying that same pressure now, is nothing more than a late hit, and should be called as such by the officials. After the whistle gets blown, it is universally considered wrong to tackle a player… No matter how mad you are at him….

We need to come together… So wrapped up are we in our own battles between Progressives and Blue Dogs, that we forget the real enemy who desires to destroy America is hiding in the trees and working their way around the fort..

That is the Republicans… They are the ones who destroyed America, and Democrats are the ones who fought them every step of the way. We can never forget what they did to every American’s life…. This vile vermin that infests our media today, is manifest in spreading its vision of disease and decay.

Wait a second… they’re not vile… Mike Castle is a nice guy!

He may be a nice guy… but he is still a Republican…. He voted 65% with Bush…

Bush? Bush who?

Bush is the person who fought a war in which Americans died for oil.
Bush is the person who bankrupted our nation by spending every dollar of the surplus and then ran our nation on deficit spending for 8 years…Let our children pay for it!
Bush is the person who pushed the Medicare Reform that first tripled the cost of pharmaceuticals and then reimbursed drug companies three times over what the drugs originally were worth.
Bush is the person who deregulated our finance industry, so it collapsed on his watch.
Bush is the person who sent your manufacturing jobs overseas.
Bush is the person who tried to remove your social security.
Bush is the person who tried to get rid of Medicare.
Bush is the person who came close to nuking Iran.
Bush is the person whose policy made the US hated around the world.
Bush is the person who destroyed the economy…

And Mike Castle was behind him every step of the way…

Sure Mike Castle is a nice man… but he is still a Republican… Which means he will not be voting for you…

As mentioned earlier, he voted 65% with Bush… Since the Republicans got thrown out, he has voted 85% with those few Republicans left… Yes, he’s one of those same guys who destroyed this country once… and insists on destroying it again… Republicans are the vilest of vermin and he votes with them…

Delaware: you have a choice. You can vote for a nice guy who made your quarters interesting. Or you can vote for a Democrat who by taking on the insurance, pharmaceutical, medical, petroleum, natural gas, coal, and power companies, can put another $160 bucks a month into your pocket…..

Only a Democrat can do that… Even one that has not been elected before.. Because of what Republicans have done to America, any Democrat is better than a republican ever could be, when it comes to Congress…

WE, the People, can never forget what those traitors did to our country…..

Never…. They are cowards when it comes to facing down the wealthy… They are soft when it comes to corporate crime… They are useless when it comes to making our lives better…

We can never forget that. Never. Not only is it our prerogative, but it is our duty, … to never shut up about what they did.