Failed. The Republican leadership has failed

They are fighting a healthcare plan that benefits all Americans except those directly receiving compensation from the excessive profits being made by insurance companies…

You can’t win by fighting everyone… Look locally at Copeland, Adams, McDowell, and DeLuca… They took on 94.9% of Delawareans over offshore wind and now (in same order as above), they are a joke, dead, silent, and flipped over to the winning side….

If there were such a thing as a smart republican (an oxymoron to be sure), they would be thinking on how to offer the Republican version of the public option.. NOT voting to kill that option outright… The public option is a necessity and all of America knows it. So it is inevitable that it will pass. Therefore voting against it, makes them losers. Not only losers with a big “L” but voting against the public option gives their opponents the ammunition needed to blow them out of political waters for the next thirty years… (thirty years being the living memory of most voters).. However, putting in a better plan than the ones being offered by the Democrats would set them as a positive force in the function of things… Even I would be interested in their version of a public option plan.

Sometimes a politician has to recognize the trend of the future… Like a giant wave off Hawaii, he needs to position himself on the crest and ride it into the beach… not stand firm and have it crash down on him, uniting his body parts with the jagged lava of the shoreline.

Republicans made a mistake. That is the result of their failure to lead….

They didn’t lead, and for that reason, they can’t be taken seriously… Using a local political analogy, one could say the national Republican party has been Copelandized…