Former president Clinton will be in Delaware November 10th for the Jefferson- Jackson Day Dinner.

Anyone today not making enough money, looks fondly back on the days when this human being diminished the Republican party, rendering it completely harmless so that prosperity reigned for all… Anyone today not making enough money, wishes we currently had another Bill Clinton who could not only shut Republicans down, but shut them up.

Across this nation there is a caustic poison slowly infiltrating and sickening America. That is the verbiage from the official Republican party, when in truth, all of today’s suffering stems from THEIR Great Depression. THEY are the sole reason 1/6 of America currently lives below the poverty level today. Like the fly who walks across your food with shit still on their hairy legs, this party has and will continue to cause Americans to get sick without the proper antidote. ..

If you feel drained and need a spark to help you eradicate Republicans from interfering in your space, for only forty five dollars you can get your batteries recharged by America’s greatest living hero. The simple antibiotic to shutting Republicans up, is the will to respond to their idiocy with simple common sense, each and every time one of them is stupid enough to open their mouth…. Yes, and that includes Mike Castle…

America is fiercely angry at having been misled, mistreated, and raped for the economic benefit of only a tiny few Republican party supporters. The Republican party not only allowed it, but supported, campaigned for it, and actively had a direct hand in making it happen.

Having a hero inspire us helps one fight back against the villains a little harder, giving one the will to aim the flyswatter a little more carefully, slam it a little harder, and make sure one doesn’t miss their target so the little bugger never comes back to buzz your ears and land on your head with their filthy stinkin’ little feet…..

A true hero is one who heals. May the Republicans grovel and continue to lay their eggs in their own shit and feed on their own. We just need to keep them away from America’s food supply. Bill Clinton provides just the antibiotic we need to heal America against those germs these pests consistently use to contaminate us… Keeping those germs from preventing a plurality, seems to be the proper goal we should set to establish the level that renders them harmless…

We cannot afford one more stinkin’ Republican. Shut them down, and shut them up.

Just expose their stupidity every time they open their mouth