The Tinyest Squawk Can Make the Biggest Difference

In Robert Reich’s recent plug for the public option, there was a subtle line that slipped by and only just now has begun to resonate…

“Unless you make a hell of a racket, the for-profit insurers and drug companies along with their platoons of Washington lobbyists. and lawyers are going to win this thing….”

I started thinking. You know if one of my kids squawks and the other is silent, the silent one loses out.. I succumbed to the easy way out and just go with the flow, after all it makes little difference to me..

Then i thought of office politics. You know, if a certain group squawks loud enough, upper management always caves into their viewpoint even when the squawker is considered the biggest joke on the floor… nothing more than a pain in the ass… After all, it makes little difference to them, and if it shuts up some asshole, and no one else seems to care, then you know, why not….

So it makes sense that the squawkers arguing against the public option may bend the ear of Congress to the point that when considering the huge vacuum of silence on the other side, they may just cave in against their better sense, and keep all insurance private…

And the 80% of Americans behind the Public Option, get dismissed…. Why? Siimply because you didn’t stand up for your rights when they really mattered…

The arguments have already been made as to why the public option will lower everyone’s medical costs. I won’t reiterate those explanations here. But, I will tell you that 5 years from now, when your house gets foreclosed to pay off medical bills, you will be yelling, or squawking for someone to do something….

And it will be too late… For that someone was you… And the time is now…. and for whatever reason, you chose to do nothing…..

So here is what you must do, if you don’t want to lose your house….. Some of these people I know, it won’t make a difference to. But that is no excuse not to plead your case…. For you, and others, all combined may just make such a “hell of a racket” that for your representative to vote against the Public Option, would not just cost him his office, but cost him all credibility as a future lobbyist, especially in the field he is hoping to retire into.

So do this for yourself, your children, your grandchildren. Pick up the phone, call these numbers and tell them you plan on keeping your house, so they had better vote to allow the public option in the health care reform bill… Remember it takes everyone to make this work…. or if you want special treatment…. just drop in….


201 N. Walnut Street, Suite 107
Wilmington, DE 19801-3970
p: 302.428.1902
f: 302.428.1950


301 North Walnut Street
Suite 102L-1
Wilmington, DE 19801
Phone: (302) 573-6291
Fax: (302) 573-6434


1105 N. Market St.
Suite 2000
Wilmington, DE 19801-1233
tel: (302) 573-6345
fax: (302) 573-6351

We need 100,000 callers… That’s 1/8 of Delaware. And if, you, like someone who graduated from Colby College, just happen to know someone in Maine… or if you, like someone from Bozeman, know people in Montana, or if you, who served at Minot, know someone in North Dakota, get on the phone… and talk them into doing the same thing…

It won’t cost you much… maybe a little time, it will be a chance to catch up with old friends, and……. in 5 years….. you could still have your house because of it…….